Saturday, August 27, 2011

Weekends are nice

I admit it.

I'm missing my kids now that they are in school all day long.

I wandered into Target the other day (okay, let's face it, I wander into Target MANY times during the week) and saw moms with their little ones, shopping and sharing popcorn. Just like we used to do during the day. I miss that. I miss that that stage of life has suddenly passed me by. Where did these last 8 years go, anyway?

We have a lot of friends our age that are just starting out with their families. They are knee-deep in diapers, toddlers, tantrums and the Wiggles (** thing I DON'T miss is the Wiggles**) It's gotten to the point where my hubby has a tiny bit of baby fever.

But then we are quickly snapped back to reality with our own uber-busy life.

And let's face it...I'm just not willing to go belly-up to the craps table, roll the dice and see what genetic cocktail Lady Luck has for us this time.

The upside to all of this is that I am really enjoying the time I have with my kids when they are not in school. Today I built Lego castles with Adam in the morning and then went shopping and to the library with Sydney. We found a cozy spot and she read about hamsters (did I mention we have a new pet??)  and I started a new book.

Life has a nice balance to it right now. Aside from diabetes, of course - which always seems to throw a wrench into my well-laid plans. Like on Friday, when I was in the middle of my Biology lab, I got a call from the nurse telling me that Adam's infusion set fell out. I just looked around my classroom and thought, "REALLY?? Really?" So I left class, zipped over to Adam's school and inserted a new infusion set and ran back to class and didn't miss but 5 minutes of lecture.

Just call me MacGyver.


  1. MacGyver you are! Sounds like things are going well...and you are finding your stride. your husband...sometimes I kind of wish for another, but then reality snaps me outta that cRaZy-ass thought feed. xo

  2. I used to LOVE the Wiggles! Took my youngest to 2 of their concerts back in the day. Their music was much better than their show/acting.
    Anyhow, I hear you on the baby thing....both the friends just starting out and the occasional thoughts of having another but then I realize how exhausting a baby is especially when D already takes all my energy. I think that was why I decided to go back to school, to take my mind off of babies ;-)
    So impressed you were able to change out a set and not miss much of your class! Bummer that it fell out though.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  3. When in the throws of all the diapers and tantrums, it's hard to catch your breath. Then suddenly it's gone, and you miss it. I've heard that sometimes a baby is what a woman wants on her 40th birthday...Oh, right, Reyna is 40 now! As busy as I am with my kids, I really am going to regret when this time in my life is over...something about chubby hands and board books...Anyway, glad to see you were so quick with the infusion set. Great when d doesn't use up the whole day.

  4. I so get it!! I feel the same way sometimes. Recently I've been reminding myself to enjoy every minute with Matthew. Time is going by way too fast. When I am old and gray (getting close but thank the Lord for hair color!) I want to know I really enjoyed these years.

  5. Totally hear you on the baby Emma is 7 and will be starting back to school after labor day. The house is definitely going to be pretty quiet once again! High fives to your MacGuyver skills too!

  6. Yay for MacGuyver skills! I think I will really miss these days when my kids are older. I love wandering Target with Elise!

  7. I wish my little guy liked to wander with me...but he isn't much of a shopper and just wants to leave the store as soon as we walk in! These toddler days are going by fast and I see him growing before my eyes. Hope to have some MacGuyver skills like you one day!

  8. Yep, finding it rough to go all day without seeing the girls. Thankfully I do get to see Bean from time to time at school, so that's nice. Kinda killing me that I don't see Bug for the majority of the day!

    Way to totally rock the massively quick site change!


    I can't say that I miss it...I loved it when we were in the midst of it, but now I love where we are.

    Plus I'm over the stinky diapers.

  10. We are Target regulars also. :) I'm savoring these days with Peyton- she just turned two and I know it will fly by before I'm ready.

    And I was cracking up over here about your craps table comment! I hear ya!

  11. I can relate. I miss my kids too. It's going to take some getting used to this new stage of life. And we love Target too! I always wanted a 3rd baby, but pretty sure that won't be happening now. Can't imagine taking care of a newborn and diabetes too! Although sometimes I think since I am up in the night so much, I might as well be nursing a baby too...I don't think so. Natalie stays asleep, my babies never went back to sleep! How awesome that you are so close to Adam's school. Seriously, 5 minutes? You are MacGyver! I used to LOVE that show! Hope you are having a good week!