Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My Babies are Big.

Just for quick reference, here are my kiddos when Sydney was 5 and starting Kindergarten. Adam was just 2 1/2! Look at those little cheekies! I want to pinch them.

And here they are BIG kids. A 3rd grader and a Kindergartener:

My GOoOfY big kids.

Today was a good day. Everyone came home happy, and that is all that matters. I did, in fact, spend the majority of the day at school, but it was fine by me. I am so, so, so blessed that I am able to be home so that I can volunteer at school and be there when they need me.

We have a lot of things to iron out - for instance, figuring out how much to bolus him for his snack, since he'll be going out to recess after. His Dexcom did alarm "below 60" today, so Adam promptly told his teacher and he was escorted to the nurse and his finger stick checked in at 100. So...therein lies the problem with Dex - will it cause more or less stress for everyone? The jury is still out on that one.

I had them under-dose his lunch (scared, I guess) but in retrospect, that was the wrong move, because he stayed in the 200's for the rest of the day. Live and learn, I guess.

Adam did great. Only a few tears at lunch...he was a bit overwhelmed at the big lunchroom, all the kids and noise. He was also chosen as the "special helper" today, so he was very, very proud! I ended up staying to help his teacher for an hour or so - the poor thing has 29 kids with NO aide! I am very thankful that after only 1 day, we already have  great relationship.

Also, I talked with several aides today and they all said, "Oh, you're the one with the diabetic child!" They had a meeting about him today and passed out my "Hello, my Name is Adam..." fliers with his picture on it. I feel pretty confident that in time, everyone will be aware of what Adam's needs are. I'm also thrilled that they are so open with letting me be on campus as much as I want to - and hey, free labor, right?


  1. Thanks for sharing about the first day. I was interested to hear how it all went. And nothing too bad at all. Must be so reassuring.

  2. Oh, Good! So glad the first day went well!! And that's awesome that the staff is already tuning in on who you and Adam are....the more eyes the better! :)

  3. Yay! So glad it went well, and so glad they are okay with you being there!

  4. sounds like a great first day. onward! and i love the comparison pics. crazy how fast they grow.

  5. that is so great that the school seems so on board with everything and that you are able to be there to help out!

  6. YEAH!!!!!! So glad that first day os over for you guys. Praying you find a balance with it all and are able to enjoy the rest of the school year.

  7. I wish they never had to grow up. Glad everything went well :)