Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Diabetes Independence Win!

I'm sitting here at the urgent care with Adam, waiting to be seen like everyone else who's kid has a hacking cough and nasty sore throat.

So, obviously I haven't blogged in quite awhile. But I felt the urge to share a mini milestone of sorts with my DOC peeps ;)

Today we had school conferences for the kids right after school and I decided that the kids could play on the playground while we "conferenced" with each teacher. I figured they would be fine for a half hour or so. When he was tested before school was out, he was in the 200's with no IOB.

When we were done hearing glowing reports of how well our kiddos are doing (oh yes, I just mommy-bragged right there!) Adam came to tell me that he felt low so he tested himself and was 65. He and Sydney determined that he needed 2 glucose tabs to bring up his BG.

And on his daily log sheet for school, I found that Sydney had written this:

65 @ 1:40

I'm so proud of my kids!