Friday, July 27, 2012

Growing Pains

Every six months or so, I'm tempted to post a "What the heck? His insulin is like water" post.

And then I remember I've already done that a few times.

Each time I forget that we are dealing with a growing boy here, and his insulin needs are constantly going to change.

Here's a pic of Adam's I:C ratios for June:

These were set after our last Endo appointment in May and were working great!

Until they weren't. For a good part of July, I couldn't get Adam out of the 300's some days. And I continued to be befuddled (really, Steph? Have we not been through this before??) Yet it took me a few weeks to catch on to the fact that I might need to change some of his I:C ratios. It took looking at his 30-day meter average and seeing a 190 staring back at me to get serious.

So I rage-I:C-ratio'ed. Is that even in the D-dictionary?

I ignored all the great advice about making small changes every 3 days. Instead of dropping his I:C ratio by one every few days, I did this:

Yeah, I like to live life on the edge.

But to my surprise, it worked. I haven't seen a number in the 300's in 3 days.

And, um, yeah...we've been testing a lot lately. As you can see by his PDM. But look at those purty numbers!

For some reason it still pains me to see that he continues to need more and more insulin as time goes on. I know it's part of the deal.

I am positive I will be upping some of those once school starts and adding in some different patterns depending on his school schedule. But for now, I'm happy to not have a cranky boy who is sick of being high all the time!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

D-Peeps are Everywhere!

This just totally makes me smile. Especially after all the excitement of Friends for Life, and everyone getting to hang out. I love knowing we are all not alone in our journey!

We went on a little vacation last week - well, the kids and I tagged along on Jason's business trip so WE got to play while he worked. Don't feel too sorry for him though, he was in Vegas last week with his brother for some fun. :)

We hit San Francisco and got to see some relatives I hadn't seen in a long time, and our kids got to meet! Nothing like second cousins having a blast. And Adam discovered snails. We don't have those here in the desert...and now I know that if I want to keep him busy for a few hours, I'd just need to import a bucket of them.

Love my weird kid.

So then we headed down to the good ol' O.C., and hit Huntington Beach for some surf and sand.

While the kids are beaching, I took some time to do a little Facebooking. I tagged ourselves in Huntington and I get a message back from none other than Heidi, saying, "Will you be there tomorrow? We are going to be there!"

Of course I say, "Heck YES!" Sure, we live in the same state....a mere one city apart, but real life does not lend a lot of time to get together. So the next best thing is for two D-families to meet up in Cali!

And what a lovely lunch we had! Heidi and her hubby are just two of the nicest, most genuine people you could ever meet and after a little warming up, our kids were acting like little crazy people in the restaurant, having a blast together. It really warmed my heart to see Adam bonding with Jack. And I think Adam is jonesing for a play date with Max one of these days! They showed off their pods, they both had numbers in the 300's pre-lunch (LOL! - I think we were both laughing at how hard it is to maintain fairly normal BG's while on vacation!)

This is our favorite picture. They were just walking along the pier, chatting. Love!

What a blessing it is to have all of these D-mamas in my life. And I know that as Adam gets older, this will be more and more important to him - when he's old enough to go to camp, he'll already have friends there to help him enjoy it even more. Thanks to the DOC, our circle of "family" is bigger than before.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Where's the strangest place YOU'VE found a test strip?

I think this morning takes the cake. I put the pan on the stove to make some eggs for Adam, and I saw something peeking out underneath. I moved the pan and saw this:
No clue how it got there, but safe to say that so far in our diabetes journey, this is the strangest place I have found one!