Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Fresh Coat of Paint

No, I didn't get my nails done this morning. They still look the same.

But I did take a cue from Reyna and freshened things up a bit around here! I made my first header for the blog this morning...took a few tries, but I'm starting to like it! Makes the blog seem more "mine" rather than a random template.

Meanwhile, I had my first "diabetes at school" nightmare last night.

You know how you have those dreams where you show up to take a final, but realize you haven't been to class all semester and never studied? It was kinda like that.

I dreamed that I took Adam for his first day of school and I hadn't met with ANYONE yet and they wouldn't let me stay. I kept saying, "But no one knows how to take care of him!"

It was awful. But I know that's not going to happen and it will all be fine. I'm kind of ready to get this all over with, because the anticipation is killing me! School starts in 1 week and I am ready...


  1. I Love, lOve, loVe, lovE the new splash of paint. Personalizing is always fun. You did a great job and I really like the font you used for the title.

    Now, stop eating before bed and the nightmares will disappear. Seriously. TRUST me on this one. :)

  2. Well, if you're anxious about school, at least you found a creative outlet with the new header. I really like it...

  3. I like the new look! :)

    Diabetes-related nightmares are the worst.

    And yes, everything will be fine!

  4. The blog looks great! I can totally relate on the dreams! We have two weeks till kindergarten starts, nobody has emailed me back for several weeks, and I somehow managed to lose the example forms the school gave me when we met in April. Oh, wait, that wasn't a dream. I did, however dream that he had to miss the first day of kindergarten and on day two everyone knew what was up except for us. Also, someone painted my SUV to look like a very tiny school bus. :) Can't wait to hear how it goes!

  5. are WAY BETTER than I am with the header girl. It looks fantastic over here. I so feel you. Been there. I was VERY emotional for the first two weeks. These kids are so young and we are sending them off outta our care connected to their life-line and their line of trouble...all mixed into one...with a very complicated set of instructions. You will build will be challenging. Please know that you can blog it out...I will read. I was a MESS when Joe started K-garten and we were 2 years into "D" at that time. Love you girl.

  6. Love the new header :) and I totally get the whole back to school nightmare!! Oh Lord, please help us all LOL

  7. LOVE IT - It looks great!!
    I'm so with you on the nightmares. Nate starts school 8/22 - - - deep breath. Deep breath.

  8. PS --- I love no word verification!!!!! Love it!!

  9. See - I'm leaving another comment just because it's so stink' easy!!! :)

  10. Very Nice! Love the kinda winking cute!
    Sorry about the stress dreams...just part of the territory, I suppose. Promise it's never even close to as bad as your subconscious makes it out to be!! :)

  11. Love the header!!

    School=drinking problem. Kidding but omg I get it! Ice cream and lots of it ;)

  12. nice new look!
    I so feel your anxiety...I have a month before school starts and I am already hyperventilating! Kindy went great but that was only 3 hours, now he will be going full day! Ack!!

  13. I am glad the pic with the syringes up the snout made the cut... I smile every time I see it :)

    I HATE NIGHTMARES... but I know he will do great a school :)

  14. Check out those header skills, guuuuurl :)

    Um, yah.


    Totally get that.

  15. Love the new header!! : ) Is he just the cutest thing, or what!?

    I get the nightmares. It'll be okay, I promise. You are ready (I'm sure he is!), and it will go well. Just keep'll take lots of communication, and some changes for the first couple months to get it perfect. : ) hugs, Stephanie!!

  16. Love the header! And I hope school goes great! Matthew starts next week, too.

    We'll have to do some serious praying! : )