Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Adam Takes Charge!

Let me tell you - it was much harder than I thought to find the perfect book to read to Adam's class! Some were too long, some were for older kids, some were about kids on MDI. 

After purchasing nearly every book on Amazon related to diabetes at school...I finally found a winner:

 It was perfect! Simple, easy to understand wording for 5-year-olds - CHECK! Story revolves around a child on a pump - CHECK! I excitedly showed it to Adam and his face promptly fell and he said, "Hells NO! That book is about a GIRL!" 

Okay, so he didn't say "Hells NO." But it was the 5-year-old equivalent. Complete with eye-rolling. 

But, I had found the perfect book! I was not going to give up that easily. And I knew that I was far too lazy to reinvent the wheel and create a book all about Adam like the amazing Reyna did.

So I came up with the next best thing: Lara Adam Takes Charge!

We had to eliminate all traces of that sweet, little girl. So, I got out my glue stick and went to work:


I went to Adam's class this morning and read the book. They really enjoyed it! And they liked all of the pictures of Adam, so it was win-win for everyone. They asked some good questions too - like, "Does he have to wear it all the time?" "Does diabetes ever go away?" And the most important question...."Does it HURT??" Adam answered honestly and said, "Sometimes it does, and sometimes it doesn't."

 Adam really enjoyed his "rock star" status this morning. He was answering questions, pulling out his pump and telling everyone "Hey, wanna push some buttons??" LOL! To which I quickly said NO! It was a good little discussion. Some kids had heard of diabetes, some had a grandparent with Type 2.

I also wanted to share our "communication" sheet** that I borrowed from Reyna and added our own things to it - for example, Adam's eye drops, which he gets at lunch time. I LOVE this log sheet - I'm able to see what goes on during the day and make tweaks if necessary.

The nurses like it too! I feel totally informed of what goes on during the day, and they often call me  (like today, when he was getting a BG check before a class birthday treat and discovered that he was 54!) We are still changing things up a bit - we've noticed that he goes REALLY low after PE, even if he's on the higher side to begin with. Like today, he was 189 before PE, so I figured he'd be fine. Well, an hour later he was that lovely 54, so we have some things to think about. They must really run them hard in PE, because when Adam plays outside, he doesn't drop that fast usually. Ah, diabetes. Must you be so persnickety?

**And, YES, I totally posted this communication sheet because his numbers were totally awesome that day. Full disclosure! 'Cause today, they weren't that great. :)


  1. I love the creativity...really, that book is great. And, it will make a lovely keepsake! Very, fun. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Okay, twin. I read Lara Takes Charge to Liam's class today, and totally changed the words to say "Liam takes charge" although now I feel pretty lazy next to you and your glue stick! Cracking up over here!

  3. LOVE that you changed the pics to Adam. Perfect!
    We have that book too and I've never even opened it. Hmmm - - - maybe I should!

    What a great idea.

  4. So creative...I love this too and my need to steal it one day for my little guy! I am new to the blogging world and I am really enjoying getting to know all of you wonderful D moms!

  5. love the new and improved personalized book! and i am totally loving the fact that you used the word "persnickety" LOLOL

  6. LOVE the book and how you personalized it! Great idea!

    and WOW those are GREAT numbers!! I'd show off too!

  7. That's awesome! We read Lara every year...what a great idea to switch it up with pictures!!!!

    Hi Five, D MAMA!

  8. Since you reviewed all the you have a recommendation for one that deals with injections instead of the pump? Cooper is starting K in 2 weeks and I would love to read something to his class. All we have is "Taking diabetes to school" which seems kind of over complicated for 5 year olds. Thanks for any advice!

  9. SERIOUSLY COOL!!! on the Adam pix Stephanie! I love that idea. Too bad I didn't think of it...woulda saved me some work. LOL. AND...YAY on the communication tool. Adam is a Rock Star...everyday. xo

  10. Stephanie, you ate an awesome mom! I love that you took the time to "fix" that book. Adam is so blessed to have you.

    Glad school is going well!!

  11. Crud. I'm on my phone. You didn't eat a good mom. You ARE a good mom! There's your laugh of the day!

  12. Love the book you put together and you are not lazy at all!! I see lots of work involved...printing the right pictures, cropping to make them fit perfectly...way more than I would do!! I laughed out loud about the "hells no" from he didn't really say it, but the thought sure gave me a laugh. We are using Reyna's log too, with a few adjustments to fit our schedule. Love that we are all using the same documents to care for our kids....all made with love.

  13. Stephanie . . . . that book is pure awshumness!!! What a great tool to take to Adam's classroom and sooooooo personal. You did a fantastic job, my dear. Kuddos to you!