Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Routine is Good.

First off...this SAHM gig? I had all of these grand illusions that once both of my kids were in school, I'd have scads of time to get things done around the house.

Really? Ha! The joke's on me. In fact, I feel like I'm BUSIER now than ever before. And I haven't even started school for myself yet. Yikes! I am running every day - school, gym, shower, school, oil changed, bank, store and school again. It's nuts.

But, I do have to say that routine has been GREAT for Adam and his blood sugars. (I'm expecting a bolt of lighting from the diabetes gods to strike me down anytime now that I declared that.)

He is not "grazing" all day long, as was his habit before, so I am getting a much better picture of whether or not his carb ratios and basals are on target. And, by golly, I think they are for the most part. Here's his school schedule:

6:15 am - wake up, get fasting BG

6:30 am - eat breakfast

7:15 am - walk to school, school begins at 7:45 am (I KNOW!!)

9:00 am - first BG check of the day, get insulin for snack (we've decided on bolusing him for 1/2 of his snack carbs, since he has recess immediately after. This is working well for us.)

10:50 am - BG check before lunch

11:20 - back to nurse for insulin for lunch

1:00 pm - final BG check of the day (unless there is PE or he is not feeling well)

2:15 pm - pick up from school 

School is going well, and we are still making some tweaks to his lunch routine, but overall, things are going GREAT. I have lots of communication with the nurse - for example, today he felt really hungry at 12:45, so he went to the nurse and he was high - in the 240's. So she gave him some water and a cheese stick and we decided to test him again at 1:30 since he still had insulin in his system from lunch. And sure enough, at 1:30 he was down in the 160's. I am so thankful for the communication. And you know, go figure, because yesterday at his 12:45 check he was only 80. And he had the SAME LUNCH!  Ah, diabetes. You love to keep us guessing.

My goal for the rest of the week is to "wean" myself from school a bit. I think Adam thinks that I will be at lunch every day, and that is not the case. But I am so proud of him and how he has learned so many new things in the last week. And he is being so responsible with his diabetes care - I love the fact that he will make it known when he feels like he needs to be tested. That was one of my biggest worries - that he'd sit quietly and be afraid to tell someone he doesn't feel right. 

So that is my update! We are quickly approaching Adam's one-year diabetes diagnosis, and I have lots of feelings surrounding that. However, when I think back to our diagnosis and I compare it to now - I can't believe how far we've come and how blessed we have been. Diabetes sucks, but life is good.


  1. Same-same!!! Your posts are helping me so much and even though we are only starting pre-k with Aiden this year, I still want to have everything organized. I LOVE your ideas, along with Reyna and Hallie!! I better get my butt in gear though, because I found out yesterday that they are starting pre-k next week instead of the Tuesday after Labor Day like they have every other year!!! I was sooo not counting on that!! but I love your quote "Diabetes Sucks, but life is good. ;) Thanks!!

  2. I think routine helps. I'm trying that out, too. I think the sched may not always mean diabetes gives us the same results, but it will lend some predictability. And, I'm glad you're starting to feel comfy enough to not have to be there all the time. That's a major step.

  3. Great, positive post my friend. You have a great attitude that is carrying you through a very tough time. Keep it up and keep moving along . . . . baby step style ;)

  4. So glad things are going well. I saw that 6:15 and I about choked. We've been "practicing" getting up at 6:30 because Liam has to be at school by 7:45 too, and it's not quite early enough. I've been stumbling through my mornings as it is- and I think we're going to have to try 6:15 too. Uggghhh.

    Now that you mention all the scheduling changes, it makes me glad I didn't laminate the copies of his daily schedule (although I think I laminated every other thing that crossed my path) :)

  5. D Moms are awesome moms!

  6. So funny, I have a long list of projects that I plan to accomplish and haven't had a chance in the last 10 years! I am planning on getting back to the gym though and it does seem that the gym and getting ready after can take up half the day! Then all the errands to run WITHOUT kids! I guess I'll warn my husband not to expect much to change around the house concerning laundry, cleaning, and dinner! So glad to hear Adam's BGs have been better at school too and yes, diabetes does suck!