Monday, November 15, 2010

WDD and a bummer...

Yesterday we were finally able to meet some local D-peeps for World Diabetes Day! We met up at a park and I finally got to meet some great bloggers in person - Heidi, Wendy, Donna, Kristi and Tracy!

It took me a few minutes to put everyone's face to their name to their blog name...I joked that we need name tags that say, "Hello, My Name is ___ and my blog is ___" But seriously, how lucky am I to have so many great D-blogging moms right here in my neck of the woods??

I didn't get any great pics, but I know these ladies will post some in the next few days. Adam was being totally anti-social...and this morning I figured out why.

This is the bummer part.

I took him in to the ped's this morning because he was up coughing all night and this morning said his throat hurt. I normally don't rush my kids to the doctor when they complain about stuff like this but I had a gut feeling (much like Heidi did!) and I just knew it was more than a virus.

Sure enough, he was diagnosed with Strep throat. Ugh. He's on 10 days of antibiotics...anything I should look out for? This is his first time being sick with diabetes and I'm a bit nervous. His blood sugar numbers are fine - a bit high today, but okay.

Hopefully this won't get passed around to the rest of the crew...


  1. Liquid antibiotics have a TON of sugar. If you are seeing huge spikes after you give it to him, you may need to give him extra insulin for it. Good luck!

  2. Like Meri said... antibiotics make Elise's BG go into the 400s. Thankfully, we have a pharmacy that does sugar-free antibiotics. They sweeten it with Stevia I think. I saw a huge difference when we used the sugar-free stuff. I wrote a post about it here:

    Maybe you can switch?

  3. so awesome to have those amazing d mamas by you! Im jealous! Beside high sugars checking for ketones when sick is crucial even if bg is in range or low. Ketones manifest fast when theyre sick. Hope he feels better soon.

  4. If your gonna get something... strep is the way to go because you can treat it and you don't have to wait it out. At least I think so!

  5. J-E-A-L-O-U-S and what the others said! You are one lucky gal to live close to all those uber-awesome bloggers.

    I need someone in VT people!

  6. It was great to meet you in person too! I am sorry to hear that Adam has strep. We usually see higher numbers after antibiotics are given and have started to bolus a little for about 5 carbs when he gets each dose.

    It has really been a guessing game, as you are learning I am sure. :)

    Hope he feels better soon!

  7. I hope he feels better soon!!!! I was so excited to meet you too :) Sugar's numbers spike as well, but not all the time, so I don't bolus her -- I just correct if needed.

    Keep us posted!!!!

    Your family is beautiful!

  8. It was great to meet YOU! :)

    Good job following your instincts! I'm sorry Adam has strep, though. Poor kiddo! Hope he feels better soon!

    Jack's BG doesn't seem to be affected by antibiotics, which is strange, considering the amount of sugar they contain. So we never shoot for the carbs.

    Just an FYI though...and you may already know this...illness, in general, can cause wonky numbers.

  9. I loved reading the posts about your great day on Sunday. It's so nice to see everyone together!

    I wish Adam a speedy recovery. :)

  10. Jealous of all your close D Mamas! Look for high blood sugars! Really high ones. Just give extra insulin for them and he should be okay though. I hope that he feels better soon!