Monday, November 1, 2010

First D'Oween

Well, our first Halloween with diabetes has passed us by. The kids had fun and I didn't worry too much about it, although today we are experiencing lots of fact, it is 2:25 pm as I write this and I have yet to give him any insulin today.


He had one piece of candy before bed since he was low...then at bedtime he was 120. He was 98 at 11pm, and I really should have checked him again, because this morning at 7am, he was 84.

He does have a bit of a cold as well, but I always thought that he'd have high blood sugar with a cold?

I guess this is definitely an example of YDMV (your diabetes may vary!)


  1. YDMV for sure! Glad he has a mama who is on top of things! Crazy, no insulin today...what a honeymoon!

  2. Lovin' it!!! AND yes, YDMV. AND. Meri is are all over it!

  3. You faced IT down and DID it!!! I'm proud of you! Some may have avoided this early in the game...well done D mama!
    (Ellie goes low when she gets stuffy sick...sometimes, and high when she gets tummy sick...sometimes! Ha!)