Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I puffy heart my hubby's job

Oracle Corporation...you are on my nice list this year.

In the midst of Adam's diabetes diagnoses, my husband was in the middle of negotiating a new job. Talk about uber-stressful when your son has been admitted to the hospital, your husband has just given notice to his old job, accepted a new one, and then the old one says, "your last day is today because you are going to a competitor."

Freak out! We were afraid we'd be without coverage during his hospital stay. It all worked out fine, though, once we realized we'd be covered 'till the end of the month and his new job would start my husband earlier just to be sure we'd have insurance coverage.

And what mighty fine coverage that is. Today we found out that Adam's Dexcom will be covered at 100%. And the sensors are covered at 100%.

***doing happy dance***

I say this only because I feel like FINALLY. We are able to catch a break! We have not had the best insurance in the past (but I'm thankful for what we had, that is for sure). We have had to pay out of pocket for all of Adam's contact lenses ($140 a pop - and let me just say that small children do not keep track of them well), 20% of all of his surgeries and exams under anesthesia (3 surgeries + 3 exams under anesthesia = $$$$$$$) and now his diabetes supplies.

I know how hard it is to pay those bills. I know what it's like to call the hospital and say, "hey, I can't pay this, we need a payment plan." It sucks, but we do it for our kid.

Now, I'm just reveling in the fact that SOMETHING is going our way. For all I know, the insurance coverage will change next year.....but I'm going to enjoy this for right now. I'm pretty sure that our pump will be covered at 100%, so I'm going to push to get that before Dec. 31st as well. :)


  1. HIP HIP HOORAY!!!! That is fantastic news Stephanie.

  2. That is awesome... hooray for GOOD coverage!

  3. Such a blessing when we finally DO catch a break! So many companies are changing insurance companies this year! It is a crazy time!

    I'm happy dancing along with you!

  4. that is AWESOME! Definitely take advantage of that!!

  5. I can imagine how that feels and I want it so bad! good for you, you deserve to jump up and down!

  6. So happy for you! I have been there too, with bad insurance and now have wonderful insurance. It is such a blessing.