Sunday, November 28, 2010

our week with Dexie (well, almost a week)

I'm finally able to sit down for a few minutes! Between hosting Thanksgiving for 19, doing Black Friday for the first (and LAST!) time ever, and then getting "Christmas" up in the house this weekend, I've barely had a minute to rest.

So, Dexcom.

Adam's site came out the day after Thanksgiving, so we're done with our trial. I sure hope when we get our own that the sites stick better...the adhesive was coming loose after one bath. And a few wrestling sessions on Thanksgiving didn't help matters. This is what I'm worried about with a pump...I don't mind the Dexcom coming out so much, but a pump site...that is a huge deal.

I really liked the Dexcom. Although, it really made me hate Diabetes even more than I already did. Dexcom made me realize just out out of control we are, after being under the illusion of control.

Um, Novolog? Fast-acting insulin my ASS.

I realize that since we are doing MDI, we are dosing Adam after he eats...but man, to actually see those meal spikes happen in real life after his meals and then having to wait for the insulin to react - it was an eye opener. It made me want a pump yesterday. I know that the pump won't solve everything, but am I wrong in assuming that we won't have as many meal spikes if I can pre-bolus him partially for a meal, then bolus him for the rest when he's done?

I was very happy to see how steady he stayed every night. VERY happy. Levemir rocks and no matter what his bedtime reading was, he always stayed steady in the low 100's all night long.

I wasn't so impressed with how varying the numbers could be between the Dex and his real blood sugar - sometimes there was a 100 pt difference when he was high. For example, Dex would say he was 350, and in reality he was like 260. But the gap closed when he was lower, which was good.

I don't know...I'm just pissed that this is all so hard. I want a break and I feel horrible for complaining because Adam doesn't get a break and will never get a break for the rest of his life.

Overall, I give the Dex a thumbs up and I feel kind of naked without it now, especially at night. We should have one of our own sometime this week, though, so we don't have to wait that long!


  1. OH wait!!! Just saw this...okay...gonna read it :)

  2. Thanks for the feedback :)

    Seeing the spikes was really hard for me when we tried the Navigator a couple years ago...EEEK!!!!!

    I much preferred my world of timed blood sugars.

    It is all freaking hard.

    Hugs to you and keep up the great work!

  3. Thanks so much for the info, It really would be something to watch Cara's blood sugar on a screen!!

  4. Sorry it did not stay on longer! I am sure you/we can figure out how to help get them to stick longer.

    With pumping, we definitely pre-bolus parts of meals and then the rest of the bolus after he eats. We also made the switch to Apidra from Novalog and it is definitely faster acting. we don't see the same spikes we used to see. If he is in range in the morning (around 150ish, or lower) he sometimes will not even go over 200.

    This has taken a lot of figuring out on my end for how much insulin up front depending on the food and how far out I need to pre-bolus.

    I am glad you still want your own after having it fall out so quickly. :)

    I too feel naked without it! We haven't had much time without it, but those few times were torture!

  5. Dexie was an eyeopener for us too! It has definately helped us get better control of our numbers and the number one reason we switched from Novolog to Apidra. The Apidra works so much faster and fewer breakfast spikes.

    We also feel naked without Dexie!

  6. It is so frustrating to see those bgs go so high and know there is nothing you can really do about it but wait for the insulin to do it's job. I love the info Dex gives but sometimes ignorance is bliss. We also get the 100pt variance when high, ok... high is high is high. But when those lows are missed cuz it is off by 20pt or more, that is what makes me upset. Even so, I keep using the cgm because I love the arrows.

  7. You totally made me laugh. Insulin will never be fast enough! The pump will make life easier. It really will...and the CGM, well it is a love/hate relationship. It give so much great info though, it is really hard to live without it!

  8. That's one reason, or rather the ONLY reason, I don't want a CGM-- I don't want to have to see those spikes! I know they are there, but I like living blissfully ignorant.

    You'll be pleasantly surprised at how much easier a pump will make things! I just follow The Bean around zapping her with the remote as she eats things. :P A huge portion of her boluses are under 0.5 units-- try doing THAT with a syringe! (Oh wait, we did and it SUCKED!)

  9. I have a feeling that this is my immediate future! :)

    This year, we started giving Jack his insulin injections before eating, as much as possible. If he eats more or less than we anticipated, we adjust with either a second shot or have him consume a cup of milk, a piece of fruit or some other carbs. So far, it's working well.

  10. You'll learn the limits of Dexcom and soon enough you'll know when it's wrong and when it's right. Get that book Beyond Fingersticks, it really does put the CGM's into perspective and made me settle a little with the non-perfection of it all. You will like the pump as everyone keeps telling you. There are a ton of make it stick products too to help with the adhesive problem. The arrows are the key to the CGM's...the arrows will give you more managment...nothing gives you control, as you and all of us already know! I'm soooo glad for you and the fact that you guys can get the technology! loves and ((hugs)) to all of you!!!!