Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Lookie what we have here...

"Wow, this thing is cool!" "I love my Dexcom!"

Today was a very exciting day in the Drew household.

Today, the Dexcom came to live with us!

We are extremely blessed to have our neighbor - we've known each other for 11 years, she is T1D AND she's our Dexcom rep. :)

She came over this afternoon to do the sensor insertion on Adam. He was totally nervous and scared, mostly because I think he truly didn't understand what was going to happen. He seemed to think that the Dexcom insertion was the NEW way we were going to be checking blood sugars....like 10 times a day. I had to reassure him that no, this was only once a week.

He wanted me to do the insertion, and it was really quite easy (I'd viewed the tutorials online, and watched Tracy's You Tube videos!) Adam cried and said that it felt like he got a cactus needle stuck in his arm (only an Arizona boy would say that!) but after that, he fell asleep on my lap while we went over the details of the Dex. And since then, he hasn't said a word about the sensor/transmitter feeling funny or anything.

He's been proudly showing it off to everyone he knows! I put the receiver in the Spibelt that I won from Meri, and it works perfectly.

I love the trending. LOVE it. I knew he was going down from playing outside, and then it beeped to let me know it was under 90. A few glucose tabs later and he's all good.

Dexcom seems to have great customer service...our endo sent in the paperwork for approval this morning, and by noon I had Dexcom call me and let me know that all things look good and we should have one of our OWN next week.



  1. Congrats you guys!!! I'm glad it is working out smoothly! We really feel blessed to have the extra help Dexter gives us! ((hugs))


    I'm so excited for your...be sure to update how his first few days go :)

  3. Yay! We love ours too! I honestly don't know how we lived without it for almost two years.

  4. So excited for you! And I am glad the video helped!

  5. Thanks for posting Tracy's video's! I need to see what this is all about so I'm not out of the loop! Sounds like a wonderful tool though! Congrats. :)

  6. WOOT! Tracy's video helped us too...that is how I decided to take the CGM plunge!

  7. Ryan thinks it's cool that Adam has a "GPS" too.

  8. That is awesome! We LOVE our DexCom too! :)

  9. WELL????????????? Waiting for an update!

  10. I'm tearing up a little. The fact that one of my silly giveaways actually helped someone is AWESOME!!! So glad you had this opportunity to try out Dexcom!