Thursday, November 4, 2010

Fighting injections

Well, we are all home sick today!

I am trying to find the inner "good mom" in me and enjoy a day at home alone with my sweet, little, hacking, snot-dripping dumplings, but alas, it's only 10am and I'm ready to run up to my room, take some Ny-Quil and lock the door.

Le sigh.

Maybe I'll just lock them in their rooms.

Just kidding. kinda.

Not sure what is up with Adam the last few days, but he is all of the sudden fighting his injections like crazy. Freaking out, saying it will hurt, etc. Which is strange because he's never really had an issue with them before. Delayed reaction, maybe? Who knows. But it has me starting to think about a pump sooner rather than later. I'm already growing weary of always drawing up injections, not getting the right amount, etc. I don't know. It's such a tough decision.


  1. Hi Stephanie,

    My daughter was diagnosed in August 2009 and she went on the pump in March 2010. I'm sure others will chime in with their advice, but in my experience the pump has been very beneficial for my daughter's diabetes management. She has so much more independence and flexibility and there's no nightly fight over lantus shots like when she was on MDI. Feel free to email me with any questions:

  2. Hang in there. Is it Lantus in particular that is hurting? I know Jonathan from Jonathan's Journey was having that issue...I guess the Lantus is more acidic. Joe never complained of shots, but has complained of the "first" bolus of a new site hurting while on the pump. He doesn't "fight" it per see...but he crumples up his face and says "Ow", breaks my heart a bit.

    We have had the same experience as Shannon. Joe went on the pump 3 months after diagnosis at the age of 3. He is VERY active...the pump has never been an issue and he has only lost one pump site due to the tubing getting caught on something. We love the flexibility is allows us and the smaller, more exact doses of insulin it enables us to give. We can work in 0.05 units (compared to 0.5 units on shots).

    You can email me too...if you ever have a question ANYTIME.

    Hope the family feels better soon!

  3. Thanks Reyna & Shannon!

    Reyna...he's on Levemir, so that's not hurting him. I think he's just getting tired of getting poked every time he wants to eat, ya know? In some ways i feel that MDI is easier, but I know that once i get used to a pump, I will be thrilled. I think all of this rambling is part of my "process" in getting ready to pull the trigger on a pump. I just tried (probably failed) to give him a unit and a quarter of Novolog...I really would like to get those minute doses, since he is such a grazer.

  4. We go through this every once in awhile with Elise. SHe'll be fine for the longest time and then all of a sudden she fights us. I'm not ashamed to say I use "bribes" with her. I once made a chart where every time she had her shot and didn't make a fuss, she got to put a sticker or stamp in the square. When she got enough stamps/stickers, she got the prize that we had agreed on. Right now we use mini M&Ms for shots. It works really well... chocolate is a big thing for Elise! Figure out what his currency is and go with it.

    Good Luck!

  5. LOVE our pump. Bryce went on the Animas Ping a year and a half ago. He had started giving us a really bad time with shots...I felt so bad to have to give him injections. He went on the pump 5 months after diagnosis. There is a lot of great posts about the different pumps. Learn all you can then make your choice. Hope things get easier until then!

  6. I sort of called it a rebound from the shots. Ellie was horrified in the hospital when the shots started and when we got home it took a couple of weeks before I didn't have to actually sit on her to give them to her...finally she got to where she would just bend over and let me give her a shot in the butt with not even a flinch. However, out of the blue the shots became an issue again and I was back to at least threating to sit on her if she didn't lay still. I too had a bit of a regression on even giving shots, I went through a few weeks of having to hold my breath to give them to her without messing up! We got the Omnipod about 5 months into the diagnosis. I was flat terrified of the pump. I was going to take a week off of work, 2 if I had to and had all this anxiety about it. Then we got it, put it on (at the doctors office with a 2 hour training session) and went home. I took 2 days off work and my mother and I just went over everything twice every meal...within weeks we were really feeling good about it and Ellie was really happy with the pump. I'm not sure it was not getting shots...I think it was the fact that meals were less of a production that made the pump feel easier. We are all pumpers with the exception of a we'll all tell you that pumping is really nice and we all will thing you should get one, because we have one. You'll like whatever pump you get and so will he I'm sure. Get it when your ready and be sure to remember my warning on your previous does not make diabetes easier...It makes bolusing and basals easier to deliver. It's efficient basically! You have my e-mail from the last conversation. Let me know if you want to talk further! ((hugs)) (

  7. Sugar complained alot of Lantus burning....and sometimes she'd just freak out when it was time. It's rough :( I'm sorry.

    We had to give Sugar a shot over the summer and she LOST it. She LOVES her pump and would rather not eat than have shots on the rare occasion we've had to wait 24 hours for a replacement (which hasn't happened with Anmias **yet**, btw).

  8. It has been so long since we have been on shots, I don't have much advice. But I do know they go in phases...and this too shall pass friend. :)

  9. I don't have any big words of advice or experience... just hugs for my friend. ((Hugs))

  10. My daughter was the same way. She was totally compliant with the shots and then one day she just started to fight them. At that point we had already decided to switch to pumping. Just the fact that it helps you control blood sugar levels better and lets us be a lot more flexible were the two main "selling" points for me. It was a lot of work at first getting dosages right but once we got it down it has been wonderful. I think it allows her to be more of a kid, even if she is wearing a pump pack around her waist every day.

    Hang in there. :)