Friday, July 1, 2011

What a Cluster&%$#

Calgon, take me away!

Actually, I will be getting away, in a mere 24 or so hours....but still.

Yesterday was a day from h-e-double hockey sticks. Arizona in the summer + blackout for 8 hours = the aforementioned h-e-double hockey sticks.

112 degrees out, no air conditioning in the middle of the afternoon. We spent from 2:30pm to 8:30pm in the pool. That's 6 hours of swimming, folks! I couldn't keep Adam's pump off for that long, so I had to stick it in his tummietote belt and let him wear it, despite my cringing. I *know* they say it's waterproof...but I just don't want to take any chances. Anyway, it became clear that while swimming with it off, his BG had swung up to 500, so he had to have that basal going.

Adam was ready to go to bed and his pump alarmed that he had 10 units left. I was NOT about to do a site change by candlelight, so I let it go, knowing he'd have enough to get him through the night.

This morning, I did a quick site change before his last day of summer pre-K and sent him on his way. Note...he does not have Dex on this week - this would have been helpful and I would have caught this much sooner!

Anyway, he was a bit high when I picked him up, but I knew he had a smoothie as a snack and dosed him for it. Then he fell asleep on the floor (he was tired from last night) and I heard a new alarm from his pump... the OCCLUSION alarm! We've never had that one before, so I had to drag out the manual (nerd alert!) and I disconnected, re-primed like it said and went on our way.

We were busy today and every time I checked him, he was pretty high. I kept correcting and figured it would get better. Finally, before dinner, Jason checked him and we saw the dreaded HIGH GLUCOSE on his Ping meter. And the oh-so-helpful text at the bottom that says, "over 600 mg/dl" No shit, sherlock!

I thought back to the occlusion alarm earlier and realized he must have a bent cannula or something. So we ripped out that site, (sure enough, bent cannula!) got a new one in, gave him a 3 unit bolus and put him in a warm bath.

Did I mention I'm packing for our trip?? And cleaning up the fricking, fracking MOON DOUGH out of the tile, carpet, and every other crevice he managed to get it in today? I should have known it was too quiet this afternoon....

Vacation, please!


  1. UGH! I hate days like these... and moon moon dough!!! They should slap the person who made that.

    I hope you have a relaxing vacation.

  2. Is moon dough the same as Moon Sand? Joe LOVED that stuff... AND it was a pain to clean.

    Sorry about your day Stephanie!!! Where are you heading for vacay? We are headed to the Cape on the 5th.

    Love to you and yours. xo

  3. sorry it was such a crappy day! High glucose on the meter, now that is scary. Moon dough, I'm making a mental note NOT to buy that. Sounds as bad as colored bubbles that someone bought for my kids....bad idea! They stain the driveway and everything else. I hope Adam is doing better now and have a great vacay!

  4. SUCKAGE!!!!!!!
    I love the NERD ALERT!! You are so not a nerd!
    I hope you have a wonderful vacation with no D stress! Period!

    UGH --- and no moon dough allowed here! I would flip out~

  5. hope you have a fun, RELAXING, vacation!!

  6. Oh Stephanie, so sorry that your day was so stressful. Hope you are on your way to a relaxing vacay and that D cooperates!

  7. AH! You need a vacation! The Calgon comment was funny!

    We haven't seen that HIGH on the meter yet. DREADING that day......

    Hope you have a wonderful trip! I'll pray for good BG!

  8. You’re really beautiful. Just thought I would mention it.

    (I found your blog through your CWD signature )

  9. I would totally use up the moon sand, and "lose" it on the trip! : ) hahaha! We take lots of play-doh on our plane trips, and use it in restaurants, airports, hotels, then "forget" it. (and it keeps them super busy!) They are play-doh'd out by the time we get home. Yay! : )

    HOpe you have air-conditioning, and RELAX! : ) hUgs!

  10. Oh how I know the frustration of the bent cannula. Happens to us a lot. And it's a major pain in the ass!!! I'm sorry you had such an awful day! Hope it's better soon!