Sunday, June 26, 2011

My list has just begun...

Aaack! I know I'm missing something. And this is just for the D-bag. Must find a VERY LARGE D-bag. Ugh.


  1. Looking good!! I used a couple of waterproof clear plastic bags to pack everything in. And I added a letetr from her endo listing all medicines and supplies. TSA never questioned us! Even going through Canada and customs. Easy Peasy traveling with the supplies. D, not as much, but it will ALL GOOD. You got dis!!!!

  2. Have you ever used a Frio bag? I just used mine for the first time and loved it! It keeps the insulin cold without having to use ice packs.

  3. Ahh..that looks familiar! : ) Bet you are excited about vacation though. Don't forget clothes! ; ) heehee

  4. I second the Frio Bag idea from Nikki. We love ours.

    I had the same situation with our worried I would forget something.

    You are smart to write it all down. Now, just make sure you keep the list for next time. It will only get easier. : )