Saturday, June 25, 2011

Vacation coming up...

Ah, summer.

We have been keeping busy - it seems busier than normal between summer school for the kids (ceramics for Sydney and a fun Pre-K) for Adam and lots of swimming, playdates with friends and mini-vacations. I feel like a taxi sometimes! Plus, it's ridiculously hot here - I think we topped 111 degrees today.

That said, we are ready for our yearly trip to the Northwest...specifically, Oregon! We always plan it for July when the heat is at its worst in Arizona. We are meeting up in central Oregon with Jason's family for a week - we all stay in one big house and have a great time with lots of cousins and fun activities. Adam is particularly excited about fishing with his uncle! Renting a boat and spending a lot of time outside...something the kids just aren't able to do right now in AZ.

Me...I'm stressing about our first big trip with diabetes. How much do I bring? How much insulin? How many infusion sets? I have a large bag dedicated for his "d-stuff" that I'm starting to pack. Should I get a loaner pump from Animas? So many questions...should I bring some Levemir just in case his pump fails...or just because? When we have a "d-disaster" here, I feel comfortable because I have access to everything I need, but far away from home...I'm feeling a bit nervous about it.

I've been thinking about our trip last summer - we went to Portland, Seattle and Vancouver. That was our last "vacation" without diabetes in our life. I can't believe we are coming up on his 1-year anniversary. It brings tears to my eyes when I think about it. Last summer was so nice in some ways, and now that I think back on it, I feel sick to my stomach, knowing just how sick he was becoming right before my eyes.

On an entirely different note...we had an amazingly good diabetes day today. Every time I checked Dex, I was amazed at how even his numbers were. It's funny how ONE good day can make you feel so good. I'm sure it will all go to hell and a handbasket tomorrow, but I'm relishing today.


  1. You will totally rock the trip! Just bring twice as much as you think you'll need because you never know what might happen! Always better to have and not need then need and not have!

    WooHoo for the awesome's to lots more!! :)

  2. I have a few posts on "travel". Bring two times as much that you'll think you'll need. Bring an extra glucometer. We had one DIE on us in BFE at midnight once (when Joe was like 5). It was the scariest night...I had no clue where he was. I checked his ketones (he had none), so I gave him 2 glucose tabs and hoped to see him in the am.

    I have not done the loaner pump. I don't think it would hurt to pack Levemir and syringes..."just in case". Have fun!!!

  3. I'm with Reyna, pack twice as much as what you'll need. When we went to Portugal, I took 3x the supplies, but only because I was so far away.

    We've done 4 trips (all on a plane) with D and it gets a bit easier every time... but the first time was a stress-fest.

    Just make sure you relax and enjoy the trip You don't want to look back and realize that you were too stressed out to have any fun.

  4. I'm happy to hear you had a steady day -- it makes you feel so much more carefree!

  5. I had the exact same feelings thinking back to last summer pre-diagnosis and leading up to her diagnosis day. I feel like my emotions/mood are tied to how "good" her #'s are as well. Yeah for a good # day!!! Hope it continues! My brother lives in AZ so I know all about the AZ heat...don't know how you all put up with it!! Nicole Duckworth

  6. Just got back from a 15 day trip (planes, trains, buses, cruise ship) and took double of everything with the expception of test strips, which I packed probably 4x ;). Oh, and don't forget meter and pump batteries!

    Joanne has the best advice . . . don't let worry rule your vacation. I found that my biggest worries and rants were all BEFORE we left and then by the time we were all on the first plane I was able to relax and go with the flow.

    Have a great time!!!!!

  7. Ditto what everyone said above! I always get a loaner pump for long trips that are far from home. I haven't had to use it yet but it gives me great peace of mind knowing I have it my D toolbox!! I am writing this from Oregon right now where we are enjoying a 3 day stay on the Coast. Hope you have a great trip & let me know if you will be in Seattle!

  8. Oh you will be so close, and yet so far away!!! :-(

    Do pack at least twice as many much as you would normally need, just in case. Don't worry too much though, Bend will have everything if you forget something.
    **Pump/meter batteries and a night light.

    Have fun!!!