Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Another Quarterly Report Card

In a way, I kind of like quarterly endo appointments. True, it's like a report card, where you can get "bad" grades (or at least we feel like we're getting bad grades as a pancreas stand-in), but for me it's also a start-over point, a fresh start. I know when I walk out of there, I've got a new set of basal rates, carb ratios and correction factors.

Yep, we walked out with new EVERYTHING. His A1C was still 7.7, which is perfectly fine, but looking at his average and his numbers, I know he can be in range more.

Oh, and Adam eats too many carbs. Whoops. THAT's where I felt like a bad mom. Trying to get a 5 year old to eat anything but carbs has been a challenge. My kids are the worst eaters...but this is a fresh start, right? I had Dr. Hahnke tell Adam directly that he needs to eat more healthy foods, fruits and veggies, etc.

Then Adam says, "But Mama, we can still get my donut after, right?"

Hahaha....*cough, cough* uh...we'll talk about that later honey. Busted in front of the endo!

We also got all of our paperwork filled out and signed for school. And and a script for EMLA. Did I mention we've been having issues with him letting me put Dexcom sites in? I'm not sure we'll use it, but I am glad to have it on hand just in case.

I also need to take Adam in for his yearly labs. It's a bit early, but he's been having some tummy trouble and I'm worried about Celiac. I'll take him in this week. Anyone ever used EMLA before a blood draw?

So, we are holding steady, and frankly with diabetes, that's all we can ask for some days. My goal in the next 3 months is to get him eating fewer carbs, more veggies and lower his A1C by a few points.


  1. You're doing a great job! I hear ya on the carbs. I'm finding that as my son gets a little older, he's willing to try more foods. Hang in there. I pray that he doesn't have celiac, but if he does, there are other Dmoms here that can help you out, including me.(SMILE!)

  2. I was extremely picky as a little kid and didn't always eat healthy (I didn't have D at that time) but over the years, I grew less and less picky and my eating habits changed a lot (even before I was diagnosed). Maybe you can sneak more veggies and fruits in? I think you're doing a great job, btw!

  3. Yipee on the steady A1c!
    Ubergeek and I had the conversation just last night about how the girls need to eat more fruits and veggies...me,too, but we were talking about them! ;)

  4. How many carbs is too many carbs according to your endo?

    We were asked at the last visit how many carbs our daughter has per meal. It varies quite widely.

  5. @Leighann...our endo said that he should be at 170 or less per day for his age. He was going off of the average that was on our meter. Adam is above that 170, so he wants us to work on getting it down.

  6. We TOTALLY use EMLA for blood draws. We use EMLA every chance we get. That Dex insertion seems to hurt Sweets more than pump sites so we always try to use it then. Even with it, she flinches and says OUCH in her sleep. Pump sites she never wakes up or moves a muscle.

    And I also bribe her with food after blood draws. Probably not the best idea. But it's so traumatic... let the girl eat a pancake! :)

    Sounds like you are doing great! Keep it up!

  7. EMLA I want some if it can be used for blood draws. Our last one was traumatic for both of us! Interesting about the carbs, I'm going to have to go add up now and see how many she gets a day. Great job on the steady A1C and guess what Natalie's was also 7.7 at her last check up. How weird is that??

  8. those sound like great goals! hang in there.

  9. I agree that as he gets older he will start trying more foods. Justin eats a lot of carbs... heck, fruit has a lot of carbs.

    I wouldn't stress about it... he deserves a doughnut :)

  10. Great job on the A1c!

    I don't know about the carbs --- clearly I am not a doctor --- I just play one here in my own little world but even fruits and veggies have carbs. I wouldn't stress about the amount of carbs and I know it's not easy getting some kiddos to eat fruits and veggies. Nate eats pretty much the same thing every day. Waffles, Danimals, Crackers, Cheese, Apple Sauce and Grapes. Seriously - that's about it at this moment. I know he'll eat more soon but right now - that's it.

    Dude - he totally deserves a donut! So do you. Endo visits are totally stressful.

    Great job, Mama!

  11. Matthew eats a TON of carbs, too. Of course, he'll be 11 in October. But average is 250/day.

    The doctor isn't concerned at all....it's not like I'm feeding him pizza for every meal and he's quite thin...

    But I'm with you, the carbs add up fast! I wouldn't stress too much. I really wouldn't.

    I think you're doing GREAT!

  12. Oh! And I will pray for no celiac. NO WAY! Let's trust God on this one together.

  13. You are doing a fantastic job Mama!! We use EMLA cream for our CGM insertion too. (And go for it on the blood draw!!) Hoping for all good reports from the labs.