Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I know that in a month this will all be much easier...but right now I am...

FREAKING the freak out.

There is so much information to gather for the school. So many supplies. I am at the pharmacy like every day because I keep forgetting things for all of his "kits." One for the nurse, one for the classroom (hello, just bought a One Touch Meter for full-price because I don't have time to go stalk one for free and wait for it to come in the mail) one for the music teacher and the P.E. teacher.

Thanks to some great advice from Donna, I went to Target this morning and bought some clear pencil pouches to make "low kits" for the specials classes. And some larger containers to hold his supplies in the nurse's office and his classroom. I have this huge Word document going...and I keep adding things.

We are up to 5 pages, people.

I am  panicking. What if I'm in MY class for school and the nurse needs me and my professor won't let me use my cell phone? I have seriously been having some doubts about me going back to school, but I'm trying to talk myself down off the ledge and remember that there are plenty of D-moms who work outside the home and their child's diabetes care is managed just fine. And really, let's not be dramatic. I'm only going to be "unavailable" for like 5 hours a week.

Meanwhile, I have piles of diabetes supplies, boxes, bags, snacks and juice boxes sitting on my dining room table. I'm going to have to show up at our school meeting with a pick-up truck and they are all going to laugh at the overprotective, anal-retentive mother of a diabetic kid. :)


  1. I know what you mean about the Word document getting larger and larger. My son will be gone 30 minutes per week, and I couldn't stop adding and revising either. There are so many possibilities -- and so much rethinking!

  2. I know exactly what you're going through... when I was preparing to have Mattias and I needed to put together a care manual for my Mom, it grew to 11 pages long. I didn't know how I was going to give birth and leave my daughter with someone for the fisrt time. My point is, I did it and you can too!

    Like all good D-Mamas, you just do what you gotta do. And I know you'll do a great job!

    Although that's not to say a freak-out isn't warranted here and there!

    -Joanne @ Deathofapancreas (google won't let me sign in)

  3. You CAN and WILL do this...but I totally understand the "Freak-Out". Have you talked to your school nurse? Our school has a bag with low stuff, extra glucometer...etc..."travel" with Joe. There is just no way to have "Sugar" everywhere in his school. I'll post on the plan/lockdowns tomorrow since I am doing "Back To School" on BB this week...I am so glad that I have all of you to plan and co-miserate with. xo

  4. Does it make you feel any better that I am freaking out with you? I have been to Target and Walmart and pharmacies trying to figure out kits for all of these specials teachers and I keep not finding what I need so I have to go back... ugh. And that's just the shopping. I have like 5 windows open in Word right now trying to organize all the things that all the people need to know! I don't know whether to hope this month flies by or is the slowest one ever. We're not ready!

  5. Oh bless your heart! Honestly, I am freaking out a little bit already and it is still a YEAR and a month before we start kindergarten. I am so very thankful that I will have all of your awesome advice and "been there, done thats" to help me learn. You guys with 5 year olds sure have been on my mind though. I will definitely keep you in my prayers and I KNOW you will do great!!
    Leigh @ theevanskiddos.blogspot.com (darn google!)

  6. I think I'm in denial at the moment about school being three weeks away! Just can't bring my self to wrap my head around it all yet...which it totally not like me because I am planner!
    I need to get my rear in gear and get to it!

  7. Deep breath girl! It will be okay.

    The nurse should have a care plan that she will share with the staff. Anything in the care plan(and also in your 504) can be removed from your document. Keep in mind that you don't want to make your document un-readable. If its to overwhelming... they wont read it. Heidi at D-tales had some good stuff to copy. I think Reyna has a page also.

  8. Hi-- Can you send me your email...Amy (diapeepees@gmail.com)

  9. My son starts kindergarten too! I'm so stressed. Can you guys email me your ideas for the documents for teachers? I don't want to overwhelm them with too much information.


  10. Aww, I would be freaking out too! Maybe you could talk or email your professor to let them know you might have to take a call if it comes from your childs school because of his diabetes. -kriss

  11. (((HUGS)))

    Most of the courses in college should be pretty voluntary :). In that, if you don't attend or need to step out, it's not a big deal. It's on you to learn what you need in order to pass the course, so they generally don't care whether you are there or not.

    So - put your phone on vibrate, and if the school needs you they can text you and you can text advice back. Or if you need to leave, you can just leave... you're not locked in your desk or physically restrained :).

    It'll work out, I promise!!