Sunday, May 15, 2011

You know what they say about the best laid plans...

When we last heard from our fearless mama pancreas, she was counting down the minutes until her kid and diabetes-free should know that diabetes always manages to fuck things up.

I have to say that we did manage to have a totally awesome day on Saturday. Pool time with margaritas, some window shopping, a fab dinner at a steakhouse with lots of cocktails, the movie Bridesmaids (which was so freaking hilarious that I needed my asthma inhaler - you must run out and see it!) then some blackjack with friends at the Talking Stick casino. We packed it in and I'm glad we did because little did I know that my poor mama was up with a puking Adam all night.

Bless her heart, she endured 3 puking sessions, bruised her tailbone after falling on the tile after slipping in his mess, plus taking care of Sydney, who was freaked out as well and couldn't sleep. She has earned her D-Nana badge. :) She called us at 8am to let us know what was going on, so we high-tailed it out of Scottsdale and back to Mesa. I just had a feeling this was not going to end well, and since I have read that so many diabetic kiddos with the stomach flu end up in the ER, I wanted to get to him fast.

Starting out, he had a BG of 90 and his ketones were 3.4. That freaked me out a bit, because since he was diagnosed, no matter how high he was, he's managed to avoid ketones. And he was totally unable to keep anything down. The last thing my mom tried was a popsicle that came right back up. I called our on-call endo, and he said to give him a 2.0 unit correction and try to get him to get any kind of sugar into his system. He said if he didn't improve within an hour, to head to the ER because the ketones are what we need to take care of.

We could not get him to eat/drink ANYTHING - poor kid was totally freaked out that he was going to puke again and Dex said his blood sugar was heading downtown to I made the executive decision to just take him to the ER.

I have to admit, going to the ER with a diabetic kid is like having a Disney FastPass...they just swoosh you right in and into a room! And they have some stellar puke bags...I had a moment where I wanted to steal some to take home for later. :)

By now his BG was 50 and ketones were 3.5, so they got him hooked up to an IV drip with Dextrose, Zofran and saline right away. He was such trooper for the IV! The J-tip thing is awesome and honestly, you know what he was scared of? He was afraid the doctor was going to swab his throat for strep. LOL! He'd rather get an IV than that. My sweet, weirdo kiddo.

He was feeling pretty miserable, but we watched some Spongebob on the iPad and he took a little snooze. After a few hours, he tried some pudding and that stayed down and he had some Gatorade, but his BG was still dropping so, I asked that they give some more Dextrose. I have to admit, they were great about letting me be the "mama pancreas" and ask for what I'd like them to do. Before we were discharged, Adam was complaining of more stomach pain, and HE asked the doctor for more zofran in his IV! And by golly, the doctor did it. :)

He said, "Take a picture mama - and send it!" He was pretty proud of his IV hand. :)

We are home now, and while he perked up for a bit, he's back to feeling bad - mostly just stomach pain, but no more vomiting. I think he just feels pretty wiped out, and he keeps saying he's feeling "weird." And he's really scared he's going to throw up again. I hope he gets some good sleep tonight. I just tested his ketones and he's at 0.0, and his BG is steady at 150ish, so I'm good with that. I'm typing this from the floor of his bedroom, because he's scared to be alone.

I knew the stomach flu was inevitable, as was our first ER visit. It happens to every D kid at some point, I'm sure. I'm just surprised because neither one of my kids has ever had the stomach flu before! But hey, a first time for everything right? I'm so very glad we did not go OUT of town for our weekend and were able to get to him quickly.

Thanks to all my Facebook D-mamas for giving me great advice today. As we were driving to get Adam, my husband was asking me who I was texting...and I said, "I'm asking my D-mamas what to do!" He thought that was pretty cool...especially that I got so many responses so fast. So thank you, ladies! You rock. :)


  1. Oh How Horrible! I am so sorry but what a trooper he is! And your Mom! Big props to her. WTG you too you are an amazing pancreas and mother :) love ya!

  2. Of all the weekends!!! I'm glad you were able to pack in some fun! I'm glad the D mamas were there to support you. Sorry I wasn't one of them! I didn't see your post until after the fact.

    I had to laugh when I read that he was afraid he was going to get his throat swabbed. A couple of years ago, Jack freaked out over a flu shot. The kid was getting how many shots every single day? And he was afraid of a flu shot?

    The stomach bug hit us hard a few months ago. I blogged about the two things that helped to pull us through. The first is mini ice cubes:

    You can buy the trays at Albertson's for $1.00. Yep, $1.00. Best dollar I've ever spent!

    Here's the other thing:

    Here's to a good night and a better day tomorrow! Hope the stomach bug doesn't spread through the house!

  3. oh god...he looks so precious, even with a million tubes hanging out of his hands.

    I'm thinking positive thoughts for you and your family!!


    I'm SO RELIEVED to hear that you guys are home and doing well.

    WHEW! There's one for the baby book, I guess.

  5. I was laughing so hard at the picture with the syringes up his nose at the top of the blog and then reading about the fun you were having....then BAM, puking and ketones and ER, OH MY!
    So glad he is feeling 'better' and that things seem to be stabilizing. Praying for a good night for all of you!
    Your mom totally earned her D-Nana badge!!

  6. Your Mom = AWESOMENESS! Have a ceremony to present her the D-Nana Badge of Honor and Courage. glad that you got to him and got him to the ER Stephanie. I was thinking of you guys when I was at a Harry Potter Party with the kids - LOL. I kept trying to check on your status....but lost coverage ~ wah!

    You are an incredible Temporary Head Pancreas In Charge. xoxo

  7. You did an amazing job! Your hospital visit sounds like a dream, I mean it seemed to go so well.
    You made the super right decision, as scary as it was. You rocked it. Happy quick recovery

  8. I can't believe your mom was able to handle that. Amazing. Even I would have been fumbling! Glad to hear everything is safe. And, at least you got to have some fun. Take what you can, I guess!

  9. I am scared to death of Nat getting the stomach flu! Wow, of all the times for him to get it. Nothing like on the job training for your Mom! I love the D-Nana Mom is coming in town this week and is also called Nana. I'm going to train her and see if she can earn the D-Nana badge as well. :-) You made the right decision taking him to the ER and thank goodness he recovered fairly quickly. Way to go D-Momma and D-Nana! I'm so impressed and proud of you! Now I'm going to go find you on facebook. Hope your week gets better.

  10. How scary and I'm sorry it happened while you were away. Stupid diabetes. Glad to know he's doing better and I hope it stays that way!

  11. freaking stomach flu thats the pits! so sorry poor little guy. bet hes exhausted now.

  12. What a brave boy, DNana & D parents!

  13. Reading your post just make me wanna give you t his big fat hug!
    Glad everything worked out well

  14. Glad to see the little guy is under control now. I'm SO sorry this had to happen and ruin your weekend together. Hope you can reschedule sometime in the near future and get your well earned free time!