Wednesday, May 18, 2011

This is the reason I do this.

A friend of mine said to me today, "You know, you are so blessed (not that Adam has diabetes) but that you have SO many people supporting you and able to give you diabetes advice on Facebook."

I totally agreed with her and thought it was awesome that she recognized how supportive we are of each other. The DOC isn't just limited to blogs, but Facebook as well.

Some people may think, "Gee, why does she whine about diabetes all the time on FB." Or, "Why would she post about her child's illness or the fact that he was in the hospital on FB?"

Well, I have to say that sometimes I do think twice before I post about diabetes-related things on Facebook. How far is too far and how much information is too much? I finally realized that I don't have a huge number of FB friends, and those that are...are the ones I'd share this with anyway.

But back to my point...(trust me, I DO have one!)

In posting about Adam's illness, I was inadvertently able to help another mom with a sweet little 3 year old girl who has diabetes (and she has a newborn as well!) and lives across the country from me. This mom doesn't have a blog, but we became Facebook friends via another friend of mine who "hooked" us up as support for each other.

She messaged me last night to see if I was still awake - and like most D-moms, I was! She called me on the phone and I could tell she was worried about her little girl - she had been throwing up that day and it sounded a lot like what had happened with Adam. I hope I was able to give her good advice...the advice you all shared with me...and just give some moral support. Frankly, I was honored that she called me.

This is the reason I blog. This is the reason I post this stuff on Facebook...for all of us moms who just need someone to TALK to, to share our fears with...with people who understand. Not everyone gets how devastating a stomach illness can be for a diabetic child, but we do. Not everyone has an awesome support system of parents and friends who understand. Heck, some of us don't even have supportive doctors on our side.

But we can help each other. And we do, each and every day. I am so proud to be a part of this community.


  1. AMEN GIRL!!!! We have some of the best support around :)

  2. So true! It so important for us to get and give support...whether through blogs, FB, or phone calls. I haven't delved into the FB world, but I keep thinking about it for this exact reason!

  3. It's so amazing to have other people say, "I totally get it." Because at 2am, diabetes can make you feel very alone.

  4. Hey Stephanie! : ) I do totally get it, and I'm up at all hours too. : ) And Adam is AdOrAbLe!! : ) Hugs! Holly