Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Day the Dexcom Died

I just have to laugh.

I mean really...y'all know we've had lots of problems with our Dexcom - lots of Error 1's and Error 0's, endless ??? and some just plain ol' "sensor failures." We've never gotten a sensor to last for a full 7 days.

Until this week, that is. And thank goodness for that! With Adam's stomach flu and the aftermath with all of the lows, Dex really came through for us - a FULL WEEK of accurate numbers!

So, naturally, I thought "let's go balls to the wall and restart the darn thing!" to see if we could eek out a few more days out of it. It restarted great and had good numbers and then...

It started flipping out and we got the Trapezoid of Death with the exclamation point and an Error Code that said 270000.

So I call Dexcom and the tech lady says, "Yeah, I've never heard of that Error Code before."


Luckily, Dexcom is overnighting us a new receiver. Unluckily, I called on Friday night, they don't ship on weekends, so we'll have to wait until Tuesday.

All I can say is, "Sayonara, sucker." I'm hoping that this new receiver will give us fewer problems than our last one!


  1. I might be dating myself here, but do you remember those David Spade Saturday Night Live skits from years ago, when he and his cohorts would say "buh-bye!" to passengers disembarking an airplane? I read your post and found myself saying "buh-bye!" to your receiver! :)

    Hope the new receiver is much, much, much, much, much better!!!!

  2. Oh, you are not dating yourself! I remember those skits very clearly! :) Buh-bye, bad receiver!!

  3. Trapezoid of death! Lol. Glad you are getting a new 1!

  4. oh man that sucks!!

    Have you tried refrigerating the sensors? Someone suggested it and we get 14 days 98% of the time. Worth a shot!

    Hope new dex is better to you!

  5. Lexi, I have never heard of refrigerating the sensors! I will try it!

  6. Stinks that you have to wait until Tuesday, but I'm glad your pathetic Dex is being replaced!!!
    Totally love the frowny face!

  7. We had our first ERROR 1 E.V.E.R. last night. The re-cal worked, but weird.

    I hope the new one behaves better.

  8. That sucks. I hope the new one is MUCH better for you guys!

  9. We've had 2 Dexes (Dexi?) die. BOTH were on a Friday so had to wait over the weekend...go figure!!

  10. Well, GOOD RIDDANCE! And here's to a better replacement ahead...CHEERS!

  11. Oh gosh, hope your new one is better!! : ) Did you get it today? I'm behind! : )
    Hugs, Holly