Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Top 10 things I WON'T miss about MDI

1. Piercing my son's skin upwards of 6 times a day. (in addition to the 8 or so times we prick his finger).

2. The teeny-tiny little marks on the insulin syringe, trying my best to estimate a 1.75 unit dose.

3. Finding syringes and syringe parts all.over.my.house. And then feeling like a biohazard when a friend's kid finds one laying around.

4. Stabbing myself with a needle when cleaning out the diabetes bag.

5. Stabbing myself with a needle when trying to dose insulin on a moving target (the 4 year old that never sits still). Damn, that little needle hurts when it goes into the wrong place!

6. Drawing up insulin in a dark movie theater. Or restaurant. Or the backseat of a car. Rinse, lather, repeat.

7. Guessing at how much insulin he has on board.

8. Trying to find a place on his body to inject him where there isn't a current bruise.

9. Having him choose no food vs. a needle.

10. Giving 3 shots in an hour because of his continuous grazing.


  1. number 4 and 5 sent a piercing feeling through my fingers...OUCH that hurts so much, I hate when I do that! We at least using a pen and the needles are a little thinner and hurt the fingers a little less :)

    Great List!!

  2. great list...I don't miss any of those things!

  3. Good luck with the pumping... I'm very interested in hearing about your journey.

  4. I second all of those :)

    I know you guys are going to do awesome! The flexibility alone makes all the trouble spots bearable in our house!

  5. Agreed! Good luck on your pump journey!

  6. Everything sounds awesome except one thing. Somewhere along the way, somehow you will still stab yourself absentmindedly. Just not as much ;)

  7. Perfect list! All things I don't miss for sure! I love our pump!

  8. Good riddance to MDI!! Good luck with your pump start. The first couple weeks may be frustrating as you fine tune the pump settings. It'll feel a bit like start over again. But it'll be so worth it!

  9. YEA for pumping! You are going to love it. No more MDI - - - hip hip hooray!