Monday, January 10, 2011

First site change

OMG, I feel so awful right now. I just did my first site change. Alone. (hubby is out of town). And what did I forget to do? Take the tape off of the set! So I injected it WITH THE TAPE ON! And was surprised when it didn't stick! So I had to do it again. And he cried...oh well. This will become second nature at some point, right? ;)

He's happily eating a popsicle now. I feel so bad for hurting him. He cried and I kept apologizing and he finally was like, "Mom. It's OK. Stop saying that." But it's still not fair that I have to do it to him in the first place.

So far so good with the pump! I just love the freedom we have. We did basal testing on Saturday night and I think his basal rate is good. My little carb-a-holic refused to eat anything without carbs on Sunday morning, so he fasted until noon! But...then he wound up with a 101.5 fever. He ate...I bolused...and 2 hours later we ended up with a 465 blood sugar. I corrected and brought it down, but he's still not feeling well and his BG was in the 200's all night long.

I kept him home from school today and I'm still trying to get his BG down. Maybe the site change will help? Who knows.

I do know that I am so glad we are pumping. I know that for *us* and our busy, on-the-go lifestyle it was the right thing to do now. He is THRILLED that he can eat without a shot. I can leave the house without being afraid that we forgot needles or insulin...because he's got everything on board already! I love that I'm not afraid of stacking his insulin anymore with the lovely IOB feature. Especially since we're dealing with some stubborn highs right now.

He has taken to wearing the pump without missing a beat. I have a variety of pump packs for him to wear and sleeping with it hasn't been an issue at all.

So far, so good!

** Edited to say that the site change HAS helped. He was laying by the fireplace a lot this weekend...I wonder if the heat from that made the insulin in his pump bad? Because he hasn't had a fever all day so far. And now his numbers are totally normal, 1 hour after the site change. Hmmm.


  1. Our first couple site changes were a disaster! He was in tears, I was in tears. I needed the pump lady to come back and watch me do it. Eventually we got the hang of it, now I could change a set in the dark!

    Love that he had to comfort you! Our guys are such troupers!

  2. I've done that!
    I've also tried to insert it when the skin is too wet from the IV Prep and it didn't stick.
    Shit... I've messed up alot actually.
    Just thought you should know your not alone :)

    I am so happy to hear things are going well though :)

  3. Stephanie, you are so not alone! And this was your first site change..if that's the only mistake you made, you are doing great!! Haha! I had to use a cheat sheet for a while to make sure that I didnt' forget anything...I think I could do it with my eyes closed now though. It will get easier. Glad that pumping is going well for you!

  4. Not bad for a first site change. We've all got stories of something D-related we've messed up. :P

    But I'm glad to hear that your pump start is going pretty well otherwise! I really think a pump (especially on a kid) makes things feel so much more normal-- as normal as it can be. But a lot more normal than injecting your kid every time he/she eats something.

  5. You did great! I have done it with the damn needle cover-y blue thing-y still on so that the covered needle shot out of the inserter and then bounce off Joe's ass. He wasn't impressed. Unfortunately, the tears come and go and come and go with "d"...and unfortunately...I am so used to them, I am somewhat desensitized. I hope that doesn't sound bad.

    Love you...keep up the great work friend.

  6. Definitely a right of passage a few weeks and youll be able to do it with your eyes closed!

  7. Stephanie, don't feel bad! I've done that to Lily too and I've been using a pump for more than 9 years myself! I stuck her twice before I figured out that the needle really was going in and just coming back out because the tape was on! They get used to it and it becomes normal for them, for the most part! Hang in there!

  8. It will become 2nd nature, though I still makes mistakes. I inserted a pod absent-mindedly into the air once - didn't even apply it to Caleb, but hit the start button. I was like - what the heck did I just do?"

    Keep it up - you're doing great!

  9. I have sooo been there. Just the other day I did a site change and kept thinking I was forgetting something because it seemed so easy - you'll be there before you know it!
    Hope you get feeling better and just know that it will only get easier from here (the pump stuff that is).