Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Endo appointment today, lots of new stuff

Gosh, has it really been a week again? I need to catch up.

So, the pump. Wonderful. Thank you ALL who have been so supportive and helping me while I get my bearings with the pump. We've adjusted basals a few times, and right now I *think* we're good, but I'll need to do another good test here soon. We've got about 5 basal rates set up now! But I need a few more nights of sleep first - I ended up getting super sick last week and I think I'm finally over it.

We had our endo appointment today. I have to say, we sure lucked out in the endo department. He is so awesome, and I can tell that he really trusts the parents to know their kids well, and basically whatever I asked for, he said 'yes' to without hesitation. Makes me feel more empowered with Adam's care - I wish all D 'rents had this same experience!

Anyway, first off, I was totally expecting his A1C to be higher because of his surgery, illnesses and switching to the pump, but it was 7.3, which is down from 7.4. Moving in the right direction is what I say!

And thanks to Reyna's awesome post about blood ketone meters, we are now the proud owners of a new meter, 2 free boxes of test strips and a prescription for 10 a month. Which in reality, if they fill it (I'm assuming we won't have a problem with insurance), we'll get 30 at a time which should be PLENTY to have on hand to use if he gets sick or if we need them. So, yay for Reyna! Thanks for keeping us newbies informed on all the latest things to manage diabetes better. :)

In even more exciting news, we are pumping with Apidra today! I was chatting with his endo about how hard it is to see those highs after he eats with the Dexcom, and how I wish Novolog was a FASTER fast-acting insulin. He'd asked if I'd heard of Apidra (which, thanks to my D-mamas, I HAVE!) and he said that if I wanted to I could try it. So I said sure! Worst thing that happens is that it doesn't make much of a difference and we go back to Novolog. I'll keep you all posted on how it goes.

I have quickly become adept at site changes. It's not so hard to me anymore. We had one bad site - we put it in the top of his thigh and it was okay for a day or so, but then we saw a 465 blood sugar that wouldn't come down, and so I pulled it. I couldn't tell what was up with it, so we put it back in his belly. I think it will be a challenge for him to try new spots - he's not thrilled with any place but the belly.

We also moved his Dex from his arms to his belly. Not loving that at all - the readings are SO off and I can't wait until this one falls off and I can put it back on his arm.

That's our news for now....I'm off to catch up on the rest of the DOC!


  1. Love it all!

    Love that pumping is going well. Love that you love Dex. Love that you are giving Apidra a try!

    It took a few weeks for me to love Apidra, so give it some time. The good news is that you are still making pump adjustments anyway. :) We had to make some basal time changes when we made the switch.

    Love Dex on arms, I have heard it is not as accurate elsewhere from other users. We have only used arms.

    And I love that you are hooked up with a blood ketone meter! We would not go an illness without it. :)

  2. We got Apidra at our last endo appointment...planning to try it after we finish off the vial of Novolog we had just opened right before. Can't wait to hear how you like it.

  3. Yay for your guys!! Only 3 days til our appointment!! Glad wverythings going well!!

  4. This is wonderful news. First off - glad about the blood ketone monitor (it is my pet peeve! - lol).

    Secondly, please keep us updated on Apidra. I asked for it for Joe about 5 months ago...and our Endo wasn't too cool with us "pumping" it. I am gonna put on the PUSH in two weeks...and would love another story to consider while making my case for us to give it a try. Joe spikes big time after breakfast...and I would love to smooth that bad boy out.

    Keep on trucking you uber-awesome Mama Pancreas.

  5. Awesome!!! A great endo is a blessing for sure! Please keep us updated on the Apridra! I've heard mixed reviews, but most are very positve! congrats on the smooth transition to the pump, fist pump for the AWESOME A1C! You are rockin it!

  6. Sooo glad all is well with you guys!!! Yes I would love to hear about Apridra...I'm considering it for Ellie. Now just FYI I put Ellie's Dexcom on her upper butt and it seems to work fine??? Might try it?! Now we use the Omnipod but I will say that the few times we have put it on her leg...I noticed that we had a few more highs...I think little ones legs are just too thin and "tough". Stay proud mama you are doing great!!! ((hugs))

  7. :) And I'm glad you hear you love Dr. H so much. I only wish The Bean loved him too. Every time we go she gets hysterical. ? I don't even tell her she going until we're driving there-- it lessens the amount of freak-out time. :P