Monday, January 31, 2011

Ring my bell, Dex.

After being woken up all.night.long for the last two nights from Dexcom's annoying "," that evil-sounding LOW alarm (to which I stumble out of bed, shove my glasses on my face, test Adam, only to find him sitting happily at 134 mg/dl), I am so over it.

(but I still won't give it up. You'd have to pry it out of my cold, dead hands.)

My baby monitor (thanks, Heather!) picks up Dex's sounds very nicely.

But...wouldn't it be nice to not be woken up to what sounds like an industrial-strength smoke alarm?

I'm thinking ringtones for the Dex. You when you're dropping 3 mg/dl per minute and it hear the "Jaws" theme instead. A warning that danger is coming. :)

Or when you're high, the ringtone could be that song by the Archies from the 60's, "Sugar, Sugar."

We have enough serious stuff to deal with. Let's make it fun.

Or at least not make me think that my house is on fire when the Dex is alarming.


  1. I second that.

    Just in case any powers that be are reading.

    I want some SUGAR SUGAR!

  2. Haha thats awesome and so true!
    Our monitor gets awful feedback grrrr.

  3. You're welcome! It was yours to begin with! :) Great idea on the ring tones. You should market that idea, hee hee!

  4. That would be fantastic!!! Let's all write letters to Dex!!

  5. FANTASTIC idea!!! Maybe if Dexcom does it, then Medtronic will too???? :)