Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dexcom issues...some FYI

It seems like a few of us are having Dexcom issues lately! My neighbor came over today (she works for Dexcom & also has T1) to help me figure out what could be going on.

As far as the ??? on the receiver, she said that could be a few things. Often it could be because the transmitter is not snapped into the sensor all the way, and then when you shower or bathe, water gets in the way and produces the ???. I think this may have been our problem, as I've been having trouble snapping in the transmitter lately.

She also said that the ??? could be related to placement of the sensor and lack of oxygen and interstitial fluid. I think with our latest sensor error last night, it was due to placement, since the wire was bent a bit and there was some dried blood when I took it out. Our readings were WAY off, and I think that's why our sensor failed. She told me that when the sensor fails, and you think the placement is okay and everything, you CAN restart the same sensor and try again.

We've also had an issue once where the receiver re-initialized without warning, and she said that that is often due to static electricity (it's so dry here in AZ, so that makes sense.)

She helped me place a new one today (I just wanted to go over everything to make sure I was doing it right!) and I'm crossing my fingers for this one to last! I also called Dexcom customer service, and while they did ask me a lot of questions, they are sending a replacement sensor right away, so yay!


  1. Yep, we usually see the ??? when The Superhero is laying on his arm at night. I don't usually get annoyed by it unless it continues past a few hours.

    And Dexcom is definitely great about replacing sensors when needed. :)

  2. Hey thanks for sharing the bit about re-initiallizing...ours just did that last week and it was out of no where!? It seemed fine afterwards so I just dismissed it! Ya, the ??? will make you crazy at times! I have restarted them before and it's worked out fine and then other times it's just a bad deal and one must just replace! Now I did get (and everyone with Dexcom received) a notice mid year last year that there were some reported "problems" with the sensor wire breaking off in the skin. I just make it habit to inspect the sensor wire when I remove the sensor to make sure it's all there. If it's not...then you have to have a doctor remove it (according to the notice) for safety. And I learned the hard way...when you need a new monitor (like ours met its death in the pool) you will need to get the code off the back of the receiver. One will want to do this BEFORE puting the sensor on the body! Ha, I didn't read the directions first! But it is not good to take the receiver off of the attachment when it's still on the body...that sensor wire is held on by the receiver. Anyway yes the ??? will make you nuts...it's a love/hate relationship! ((hugs))

  3. I'm glad that you may have some answers and hope that the next few days go a little more smoothly. We have a CGM, but we have MiniMed pump and CGM, so I can't really offer much help with Dex. Good luck!

  4. Hey Lady - it is SO weird that we have both been having so much trouble. I mean we've been using Dex for 6-months and I've never had these issues. Thanks for the info --- I wish I had a Dex rep down the street. :)

    I called today and uploaded our data so that they could see that we had to failures in a row and they are replacing both for us. Thank goodness. They were really nice on the phone too!

    We did determine today that Nate's tummy is not a good place for the Dex.

    I'm glad we are on this journey together. :)

  5. Laura...we tried the Dex on Adam's tummy last week, and it only lasted 2 days. Bummer. My neighbor said that the bum is a good spot, so we might try that next! So far so good on this sensor on the arm, though. **crossing fingers**

    I have to laugh...I kind of hit the diabetes jackpot with having my Dex rep 4 houses down! :)

  6. 4 doors down...AWESOME! I would be there all the time.
    Love/hate Dex!

  7. Hi. My name is Shannon. I am a friend and neighbor of RoseLady. My D son is 15 and was diagnosed in August 2008.
    I really like your opening statement. Having a child with Diabetes is humbling. I have learned many lessons from my wonderful son. Mostly, I have learned that I am human and I am NOT God. I cannot be in control of everything.
    Nice to meet you. : )