Sunday, June 24, 2012

So proud!

So, I know I'm kind of biased, but hey...this is my blog, so I'm allowed to be proud of my 6 year-old. :)

On Saturday, Adam had a play date with a friend from kindergarten. We've had his little buddy over quite a few times, but this was the very first time he was going to his friend's house to play. And admittedly, I don't know the mom *that* well, but we've had quite a few great conversations and she was so open to learning about what she needed to do for Adam to hang out over there. I had a good feeling about it, so I dropped him off and gave a few instructions and I am proud to say that it went so well!

We have his Dexcom in this week, so that helped. :) When I dropped him off, his BG was 195, and I was good with that, because I knew they were going to do the slip-n-slide in the backyard. I got one text from the mom about an hour and a half into it, and she said that he was 209 and they were having snacks. I didn't ask what they were eating...but I knew Adam was going to be just fine. She texted me again and said that Adam asked for the carb counts for everything they ate and bolused himself for everything! She was impressed he knew so much. :) When I looked at his PDM, I saw there were 3 boluses...and he obviously did a great job because when he got home, his BG was 167.

I told him how I was so proud of him for doing such a great job and for knowing exactly what to do. And he looked at me and said, "Well, taught me how to do it....duh!!"

Well, I guess I did! I know we do this every day, but honestly at 6 years old, I do 95% of his care, because I don't want to burden him. But knowing that he is moving towards being able to care for himself? Amazing. Sad in a way that I feel like it is A LOT for a 6 year old to have to deal with, but I'm so proud that he can do it and doesn't seem to feel like it is a burden at this point.

I am enjoying having the Dexcom back - I think I will be using it more this summer. When it is working well, I notice we aren't having to test him as much and since we have been running out of our allotted 300 test strips each month, that is a blessing.

Last night we went on a night hike - scorpion hunting! It was so much fun (even though it was still blasted hot out!) and I didn't worry one bit since Adam had his Dex on. We saw lots of these little critters:

I am also loving the fact that our cat likes to catch scorpions. The other night I was on the couch and I saw Macy playing with...something...right by Jason's chair. I looked a bit closer and saw she was tangling with a scorpion! I told my barefoot husband to go get a big shoe...and we took care of it. Just a few "perks" of living in the desert, lol!

I am so proud of my boy. Sure, he drives me cuh-ray-zay sometimes, but in a way, having diabetes makes him a much more mature kid at times (AT TIMES...the kid can fart on command like nobody's business) I hope that I can keep a good balance for him of teaching him how to care for himself....while still letting him be a kid.

It's a hard balance, but at this point, I'm feeling good about it.


  1. Wow, we're blogging at the same time, on a slightly similar topic (d'independence!) I'm so happy the play date worked out. That is a really, really big step. And I've got to say, I'm totally intrigued by the glowing scorpion hunt. I would, however, not like one in my house.

    1. Ha! We did post at the same time. :) I just commented on your blog, lol!

      Yes, the scorpion hunt was fun...after we found the one in our house, we did take our blacklights out in the backyard and found just one I felt fairly safe. We've lived in our house for 13 years and I can count on one hand the number of scorpions we've had in the house...that said, they still creep me out when they are in MY house!

  2. farting on command and counting carbs?!?! truly an amazing boy you have there!!! ;)

    um..I think I'll keep my ginormous mosquitoes thank you very much!!

  3. Brag away Momma! You are so brave and Adam is so awesome that he handled the play date so well! This gives me hope. Adam is such a cool kid, despite the farting on command which my almost 11 year old son still does...sorry, not sure they every outgrow that. About the actually go on hikes LOOKING for them!?

    1. Yes! Actually, we live near the mountains and the county Parks & Rec host scorpion hikes (led by a ranger!) every month in the summer. But really, we just need to walk around our neighborhood anyway with a black light to find them!

  4. BRAG.BRAG.BRAG!!! He AND You are amazing. It is an extremely thin tightrope to walk...the whole safe care/independence thing. Way to go.

  5. That is so completely fantastic! Way to go Adam! And good for you for teaching him to take care of himself. He is still so very young, but you are going to have him at pro-status in no time!

  6. congrats to you both, "duh, you taught him!" :)

    here's to many more moments to be proud of in his independence. :)

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