Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Our 1st Trip to the Water Park...

There are plenty of things that scare me about diabetes. But the day-to-day stuff? I can pretty much handle it. Except....

...for the water park.

I have been dreading this day for a long time. The day when we'd head to a water park for the day with friends and deal with a spastic enthusiastic 6 year-old AND diabetes. The last time we went to a water park was when Sydney was like 2 years old or something, and it was for a company event. I'm not a huge water park fan in general, but I knew the day was coming when they'd be old enough to want to go...and who am I to say no? :)

I actually felt sick to my stomach this morning. And really, I don't get too rattled about blood sugars anymore. I just had no idea what the day would turn out like. Would it be like last night? Adam swam in the late afternoon/evening, out of the pool his BG was 129, Jason took the kids out for ice cream, I did an extended bolus for 40 carbs, 2 hours later he was 129, 1 hour after that he was 160 and 1 hour after that he was 145. Take THAT swimming and ice cream!

Or would it be like last Friday when he had lunch, swam and one hour into it his BG was 44?

That's the problem. You just never know.

So today went well overall. I bought some of the Dex4 glucose drinks and I tucked one in the pocket of his swim trunks. That way if we were away from our stuff and he said he felt low, he could just down that real fast.

Adam had lunch before we left and when we got there his BG was 157. The level of excitement on his face led me to believe he'd be fairly spastic ENTHUSIASTIC in the wave pool. I suspended his insulin (he still had well over an hour's worth of IOB) and gave him a juice box.

I followed him into the wave pool and he was just ALL OVER THE PLACE. I must have looked like a maniac yelling, "ADAM, SLOW DOWN!" "ADAM, STOP FLAILING AROUND!" "ADAM...eh...forget it..." He's a good swimmer, but this was his first time in a wave pool, so I was worried about him drowning AND low blood sugar. :)

He was so crazy that when we got out of the wave pool and were waiting for our friends, I got them ice cream. I didn't bolus him because....hey...water park. I figured the fat would help keep some carbs in his system.

After about an hour of swimming, sliding and jumping across lily pads, I tested him and got a whopping 407. Whoops. Guess I screwed that one up. I started up his basal again at about 50% and let him swim some more.

Can you spot his pod??

Then I tested him again half an hour later...527. FUD. Apparently I overdid the carbs. But really....I'm thinking some of this was adrenaline because I really didn't give him THAT much extra. Weird.

So I bolused him up real good and we went on our merry way. Is it awful to say that I had more fun after that, because I knew he wasn't going to go low?

I have to share a funny story. Sydney was off with her friend and I was watching Adam jump across those lily pad things. I told him that I had to go to the bathroom, so he had to come with me. This is what he tells me,

"MOM. There are LIFEGUARDS here. If I'm low I will tell them. Go to the bathroom and when you come back you will see that I'm not dead."

Well, okie dokie then. 

At first I thought this was hilarious, but then I realized that it's actually kinda sad that he knows I worry something bad is going to happen just because he's swimming. Luckily, he said it in a joking way, and he really, truly had a BLAST today, which was the goal. Even though I was a bit freakish about it, I'm not going to tell him that he can't do anything because of dumb ol' diabetes.

On that note...I am TIRED. Like dog tired. I am thinking we will all sleep good tonight.

Unless all that activity decides to start catching up with him later...it's almost bedtime and he's 117.


  1. Cute. You know, these are the bolusing stories of our lives...

  2. Yep, you just never know!!
    Totally with you on being able to relax a bit when they are high...terrible, but true!!
    Oh, and I completely laughed out loud with the 'lifeguard, I won't be dead' comment!

  3. Oh, you made me laugh at 1am...I would have LOVED to have seen you all in the wave pool! Sounds quite entertaining! Adam sounds like such a fun kid to be around! And Adam's comment about the lifeguard?? They can be so matter of fact with their comments and forget what they even said, and then we are left to dwell on it for days. Just shows they really really get it.

    Our friends were talking about a VBS the other day and I never told Natalie she couldn't go (although she can't unless I volunteer), so I just didn't encourage it. Later though she asked if VBS went through lunch time and I told her no. Then she said "well I couldn't go because no one could take care of me if I felt low!"

    Anyway, I'm so glad you both survived and all worked out in the end. Oh and you know I can SO relate to the feeling sick to my stomach about diabetes. There are still certain things with D that can set me off to feel like that...hate it!

    1. Sorry to hear you are still up at 1am!! But glad Adam gave you a laugh. He's a cool, funny kid. :) I'm still up because he's at 76 now, and I just gave him some juice. Figures!!

  4. I'm happy to hear that you survived the water park. Love the story...I needed a good laugh this morning!

  5. Okay, so I sort of had to laugh at the 500. Been there. Done that.