Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Best Time of the Year!

It's that time of year again...back to school!

We have been back in school since August 8th, and life has just blasted forward at warp speed. School, soccer, karate, orchestra, homework, volunteering, play dates, birthday parties...I love this time of year! We are back in a routine, we all feel productive and life is good. My Fourth and First graders:
Adam's transition to 1st grade diabetes-wise has been seamless. What a change from last year and all of my anxiety! This year we walked into the health office for yearly "training" and ended up chatting for an hour. Adam's 1st grade teacher is phenomenal (Sydney had her for 1st grade) and came to our house (!!) this summer to learn all about Adam's diabetes. She is the most organized teacher I have ever known, and it also helps that she thinks Adam is pretty cool, so we are going to have a great year. His numbers so far have been wonderful (with the exception of yesterday when he woke up at 370, I corrected and dosed for breakfast and by the time we got to school the meter read HIGH). So, I just took him home, changed the pod, gave an injection and once he was feeling better and I saw that his number was coming down, I sent him back to school. He was 155 by lunch! I feel so much more confident this year on what school will do to his numbers and how to handle them. It's a good feeling to be able to make these good "guesses" while aiming at the moving target that is diabetes.

I went in and read Adam's book to his class like I did last year, and the kids had a lot of good questions. Interestingly enough, he hasn't been bugged by kids about his diabetes...but, he was kind of "bullied" a bit about his cleft lip scar!

For some reason this shocked me, because last year it was a non-issue. I don't recall anyone ever asking about it. But this year within the first week, he had a not-so-nice girl get in his face and say over and over, "What's wrong with your weird lip?" and "Why is your lip so weird and ugly?"

Sigh. Luckily, these things don't bother Adam too terribly (although it had to a bit since he told me about it) and I asked him what he did. He said he first ignored her, then when she kept pressing him, he did what he learned in karate: He looked at her in the eye and said, "Stop! Leave me alone!" and walked away. That's my boy. :)

He's in a new class with lots of kids he doesn't know (although he has his best friend Kate, so that makes the world perfect for him!) so I imagine it will take some time for everyone to settle in.

Adam also had his endo appointment last week (oops, I need to still get his blood work done!) and his A1c is holding steady at 7.7% for the past 3 visits! I was thinking he'd be higher since this summer he ate me out of house and home and was higher than normal. I'd love him to be around 7.0%, but I am happy that he is STEADY. It must mean we are doing something right, right? :)

So, life is busy and good. I am able to volunteer my little heart out at school - I am room mom for Adam's class and I help out quite a bit in the library. I am the official school "laminator," lol. Although Adam likes to tell people that I am the RAMINATOR. Which is just hilarious when he says it out loud. I will hopefully be in Sydney's class too, once her teacher gets her volunteer schedule out.

Yay for school!


  1. Cleft scar...really?! It's bizarre what some kids will target. Good for him for standing up to her.

    I happen to LOVE to laminate...and cut it out...yeah, I've got issues! ;) Just something fun about sliding your scissors through the plastic.

    Awesome on the holding steady! Hoping to get Bean down a bit further and start holding steady, but honestly as long as we don't shoot up again, I'm totally fine with her 8.2 for now!!

  2. I want to beat up that girl. Where is she? Let me at her!!!! I don't care if she's just a kid -- someone ought to teach her how to BE NICE!!!!!!

    Steady in the 7's is always a good thing!!!! Congrats and best wishes for a super awesome amazing year :)

  3. Kids just have to pick on anyone or anything that is's just mean. Aren't you SO thankful he knew what to do? Praying she leaves him alone.

    I love to volunteer too! ..but I think it'll have to wait another year or two..kinda busy here now! : ) Hugs, Steph!

  4. Awesome! I am glad you guys had a good start into school year (minus the girl who would not leave him alone but YAY for Adam telling her to leave him alone)
    We start tomorrow and even though i have anxiety over Nathan starting K, i am looking forward to all the things you mentioned in your post, especially getting into our routine.

    P.S. Sorry, my google account was acting up and i cannot post with my LJ! So i am being anonymous

  5. I am so happy to hear that school is going well at least diabetes wise! Girls can be so mean even at that young age. Sounds like karate is great for him and teaching him how to handle situations like that!

    I read the book to the class too and am Room Mom also. I don't go near the laminator though! I do now know how to work this crazy thing that punches out perfectly formed letters for hanging on bulletin boards. I never knew such a thing existed.

  6. I'm glad that diabetes is behaving for you and hope that it continues throughout the year (we know diabetes doesn't play that way but we can always HOPE!)

    Cute picture of the kiddos!

  7. Going back to school knowing things are under control has to feel good! :)

  8. happy back to school! how tremendous that the teacher came to your home, so fantastic! it's great to feel more confident as each year goes on, i'm relieved to feel the same.