Wednesday, September 19, 2012

2012 JDRF Walk Video!

Well, this year I got my act together and created a JDRF Walk video for the first time. I'm not sure what prompted me to do it...but at 9pm one night I got a bug up my a$$ and finished it by 1am. When I go, I go hard. :) Anyway, Adam is excited for the walk this year and I thought it might help garner some extra donations by creating a video. I've already had a few of my friends tell me that it was SO unfair to make them cry by posting videos of my kid on Facebook. :)

In other news, Adam's blood sugars have been WHACKADOODLE. Yes, I used that word again. We had such a great first month at school, now his blowing 40's left and right for no reason (thanks, T1D).

I'm hesitant to make across-the-board changes, so I set up a separate basal profile to see if that would help, but it seems like he's still low before lunch and after lunch. So tonight I'll be changing those I:C ratios, because there is nothing sadder than walking into the health office to see your kiddo in tears because he's low and he's missing P.E. on ROPES DAY. Sigh. Apparently ropes day is a very big deal to a 1st grader. :)

He could be sick. I just had the nastiest case of strep throat this past weekend, and I noticed that he had a bit of a rash, but a negative rapid strep test. So he was put on antibiotics anyway.

Other than that, the school year is going great! Both kids are thriving and having a blast in school, which makes me so happy.


  1. Could so relate to the missing PE part...been there with Joe...I think it was in 1st grade too.

    Good luck with the Walk!!!

  2. Very touching video! I hope it brings in lots of dollars.

    We have had a lot of 40s in the last couple of weeks too and we have never had much of an issue with lows. I'm sure all the adjustments will result in some highs soon.

  3. Love the video and that crazy boy of yours! Uggh about missing P.E. and ROPES day..what the heck is that I wonder? We're having issues with after lunch lows too. I'm trying to figure out what to do as well. On the omnipod can you change I/C ratios just for the weekend like we can for basals? I find she needs a different I/C ratio for school days with her's a pain to change it over the weekend. Hope you are feeling better!

  4. that video is awesome! i LOVE the look on his face in the broken thumb (?) pic. hope you have a great walk! :)