Friday, March 9, 2012

Roller Coaster

Y'all know what the D-Coaster is like. Sometimes you just feel like you've been up and down, up and down so much that you don't even know which end is up anymore.

That's how we've been the last few weeks with diabetes. Adam had a stomach bug two weeks ago - lots of low blood sugars, ketones, vomiting. It was a blast! But, I managed to keep him out of the ER, so I was proud of that. It took him about 5 days to recover enough to where I was reasonably sure his BG wasn't going to drop randomly after eating. That lack of carb absorption is tricky!

This week has brought a new set of problems. Two pods were "knocked off" at school this week. One was on slide (a kid accidentally kicked it right off of him) and then yesterday a little girl in his class came up behind him and gave him an apparently vigorous bear hug - so much so that the cannula came out. Good thing she's cute. :)

Yesterday (was it yesterday? I've lost track of time) he went to the health office for his 9:30 am check and his BG was 33. THIRTY THREE! The nurse was stunned that he had bounded into the office with his friend. No clue. 

Today, I changed his pod at 6 am because he was high all night long. Then this morning at 10 am I get a call that his pod is letting out a continuous high-pitched beep (and there is a hilarious story that goes along with this that involves his kindergarten teacher and the whole class trying to figure out where the noise was coming from. Including Adam who had no idea that the noise was coming from his own rear end!)

Turns out I hit a vein this morning and we had our first occluded pod - the cannula was filled with blood, so no insulin delivery. Changed it AGAIN. And at 2pm today after school? He was 47.

I had made an appointment with the pediatrician this morning just because I had a gut feeling he was sick (and one of his little friends had been diagnosed with strep this week). Adam HATES, hates, HATES getting his throat swabbed for strep. And I equally hate restraining a 60 lb. kindergartener. His throat wasn't really red, and I was ***this close*** to having her not swab him, but I'm sure glad I did, because he DOES have a raging case of Strep!

Like I said....roller coaster. When can we get off this crazy thing?


  1. Oh my gosh -- all those ups and downs and round and rounds to fix pods...and sickness, much life we spend sound like quite the busy mama...we're fighting ketones around here...nights are tricky...can't believe how much insulin I'm running in him in the pm...

  2. oh mannnn what crazy week you have had! I hear you on the roller coaster ride...Emma had a tummy bug the other week and I wound up having to suspend her pump twice at day all morning long, and the next day all afternoon long...ugh. I want off this ride! I hope things get easier soon and he is feeling better soon!

  3. I feel like I am just exiting the coaster for a bit...lots of illness and growing going on here makes for some craptastic numbers for sure. Dang...the pod issues sure haven't helped either. I hope things simmer down soon. My kids are the same with Strep, btw...they almost NEVER have a sore throat and their throats never look that bad. Good catch Mama!

  4. It doesn't sound like you have had a fun couple of weeks...I hope Adam is feeling better!

  5. stop this crazy thing!

    congrats on keeping him out of the hospital with ketones, that's a huge accomplishment! best of luck getting through the strep! sheesh.

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  6. Oops!! I put that in the wrong place!!
    Oh gosh-it sounds awful!! Hope it's gotten a little better. It is truly a roller coaster-I know. I just changed a pump site..highs all afternoon-and a trip to the endocrinologists, scheduled three months ago, so happy he got to see us that sky high. Not.
    Hope it gets better for you guys!! Hugs!

  7. Staying out of ER and throwing free candy at them are the few high points of having a stomach bug. :S