Sunday, February 5, 2012

A D-Mom's Shopping Cart

This is what a D-Mama does at midnight while waiting for a BG to come up:

Shop on Amazon.

For what, you ask?

Skin Tac and Ninjago, of course. Something to try to keep the pods on, and a little, teensy-weensy bit of bribery.


  1. I would NEVER stoop to bribery... what kind of mom do you think I am??

    Wait, don't answer that!

  2. I am ALL about bribery. I've got a few Cars 2 cars stashed in the closet for after our next Endo appoint. (Yeah that's my girl.) I'm thinking of bringing one out to try and entice her into letting us do a bun shot too! I'm already trying to decide on her gift for after her next set of labs in May. And I LOVE amazon.

  3. I love Skin Tac and bribery...our pods are staying on and we have way too many baby dolls and Barbies in our house!

    1. So you find that the Skin Tac works great?? Any tips on how to apply it?

    2. Before we discovered Skin Tac, we had to tape the pods to get them to last the full three days. Now that we apply Skin Tac first, we rarely have to use tape. I purchased the liquid Skin Tac (not realizing at the time that it also comes in wipe form). I apply a small amount where I plan to place the new pod. The liquid adhesive is messy and likes to drip so you might want to have a wet wipe or towel handy.

      Good luck - I think you will like it!

  4. Love it!

    We use skin-tac and it works great. We take it off with unisolve and that stuff is fantastic. Just put it on and leave for a couple minutes, the pod comes right off.

  5. I was 'scrubbing' my super dry feet at three this morning, waiting for a juice to kick in for Bean. Slathered them with lotion once she was back in a safe sleeping range and they were much better this morning! ;)

  6. This reminded me to send you the Opsite! OOOOOPS! I love shopping! And we have to bribe at times too ... I'd need some encouragement if I had to stick needles in my body all the time too!

  7. Totally HEART Amazon!! And over $25? FREE shipping! Gotta love it. ; )
    At least you were using your time wisely. ; ) Hope the BG came up! : ) Hugs, girl!