Saturday, February 4, 2012


Let's just say I have a very active imagination. Especially when it comes to my children. And I can get overdramatic VERY quickly...

Recently, I've been allowing Adam to have some playdates NOT at our house (with folks that aren't schooled on diabetes) and I was feeling pretty okay with it. Adam can recognize how he feels (most) of the time and he's pretty darn good at bolusing himself with his PDM. The 2 other times I've allowed this, the mom has called me on the phone when he's hungry, she puts us on speaker and he tests and boluses for whatever snack he's going to have. Perfect, right?

Yesterday after school I tested Adam (124!) and sent him on his merry way with his friend and told the mom to call me when he's hungry and we'll do the test/bolus thing over the phone.

So, I'm busy with Sydney and her playdate and then Sydney ends up going over to another friend's house to play and I'm alone. I look at the clock and realize that almost 2 hours has passed and I have not heard from Adam. I quickly call over to the house to check on him and there's no answer. Then I call her cell phone. No answer.

Okay. I'll just wait a few minutes. I know they had to go pick up the boy's older sister at school.

So I wait a whole 4 minutes before I start dialing again.

And nothing. No answer anywhere.

As the minutes click by, I start to panic and pace the house. I start re-dialing like a certified lunatic. I even called her husband to see if he'd heard from her (but thankfully he didn't answer!) A half an hour goes buy and the thoughts that are racing through my head are ridiculous, but at that moment totally plausible to me.  

What if they got in a car accident? The mom can't one knows Adam is diabetic. No one can see his OmniPod...he doesn't wear a bracelet...OMG, he's probably crashing because he's been playing and his BG before was 124...what if he's passed out already...what if.....

Then my husband walks in the door and I start bawling. Like SOBBING because I can't find Adam. And of course, something terrible has happened to him.

Luckily, not 2 minutes later, the mom calls and says, "Sorry, we stopped at Sonic...was that you calling my cell phone over and over??"

****cue huge sigh of relief as a try to sound like I haven't been crying****

So I said, "yes that was me and can you program my number into your phone??" LOL. Adam's BG was 156 and we bolused for his Sonic slushie and corn dog (minus the corn, of course. Because really, only my child would order a corn dog and peel the breading off.)

Moral of the story? Moms of diabetic kids panic WAY more than normal when their kids are out of their sight. I cannot tell you how awful and out of control I felt. I love letting him have that freedom...but I'm obviously not ready for more than that yet.

We'll be having a lot of playdates over here from now on.


  1. I think you sound like every single one of us.

  2. LOL! I can SO RELATE to this! People who don't LIVE with it, really don't get how important those little calls really are. They keep us's not just a little reassurance that everything is okay -- it's confirmation that your child is ALIVE!!!!!

    Glad he had fun, minus his cornbread! Sonic ROCKS...especially if you get there for Happy Hour!

    This calls for a glass of wine for mommy!

  3. I love this post Stephanie! Though I will admit to laughing out loud once (and I'm at the library!!). I only laugh because I can SO relate. Been there. Done that. But I'm really proud of you for letting him go. It sounds like he did great! And'll do better next time! Hahaha......

  4. I still get antsy when Bean and Ubergeek are out longer than I think they should be and he's not answering his phone! I can totally understand the flip out when he's with friends!!

  5. OMGoodness!!! I could feel your angst and GET.IT. Joe has been doing the same thing over the with more independence than ever. Not sure that it gets easier...the unknowns of the situation are always there and diabetes can threaten our children's wellbeing at anytime. Big (((HUGS))) to you!

  6. You are so brave! I don't let Natalie out of my sight, but being on shots makes things different too. I'm thinking I need to get Natalie working on checking her own blood sugar. She can't do it yet! She can tell anyone how to do it, but gets frustrated if not enough blood comes out or she smears it. Way to go Adam that he is such a pro! I can so relate to the feeling of panic and her not answering the phone and then breaking down when your husband came in. Hugs to you. I think you are doing great.

  7. We haven't had any play dates yet, and I'm so not looking forward to them. I already know I will be in panic mode when that day comes!

  8. Aww hehe yeah I can't really even imagine play dates yet, that will be a big step. I bet I'll be hosting for a pretty long time. I can't even wrap my brain around the whole 'sleep overs' idea. Thank goodness I have time to ease in :P Good job on the 4 minutes ;)

  9. oh i totally get this!! it is like panic stricken cray-ville over here when I let Emma go over to someones house that isnt schooled in the big D....big HUGS to you my friend for handling it though!

  10. oh man yes we can all relate!! sometimes my kid's cell phone doesn't work in her friend's basement and when it first happened i was a basketcase! so glad it all worked out well though! phew!