Monday, January 30, 2012


Well, today was Endo day around these parts! I have to admit, I had no idea what the visit would bring. No clue what his A1c was going to be.

That's where the "ooof" comes in.

This time his A1c was 7.7%. Which, if you may recall, is almost a point higher than he was last time (oh, that lovely 6.9. How I miss you!)

So, that's a bummer. But, I knew it wasn't going to be as good as last time. You've got the holidays thrown in there plus an entirely new insulin delivery system, going from Ping to Pod. Plus? He grew an entire inch in the last 3 months. Needless to say, I'm not surprised with our result.

Still, I said "Ooof" out loud when Dr. H told me his A1c. He laughed and said, "Really, that bad, huh?" His Dexcom graph from last week was a HOT MESS, I tell you. I said that out loud, too. :) I even had little red arrows on it, explaining all of our HIGHS and LOWS. Just so he doesn't think I'm a totally inept D-mom, you know.

We made LOTS of changes. Basal and I:C ratios. He is now at 1:14 for the morning mealtime hours and 1:16 for the afternoon/evening hours. Which is a pretty big jump, so I am going to have to be on his numbers like white on rice these next few days.

And for those interested (I always am!) here are his new basal rates (for my 60 lb., 4 foot 1 inch 5 year old!):

12am: 0.30
4am:   0.35
7am:   0.40
12pm: 0.45
6pm:   0.40

So there you have it. Our report card for the last few months. It certainly wasn't pretty, but I'm confident (sorta?) that we can get better from here.


  1. 7.7 is great in my books :) Great Work!

    Hope you see numbers you love very soon!!

    1. Thanks, Nicole! I know, I am very grateful for that number. :) I hope Cara is doing well - now I'm off to read your NEW blog!

  2. Not that bad.... I think our endo wanted 7.5 and under when she was 8. So I think you are close. I agree, I like it under 7, and you will get there.... at least a lot of the time. All in all, not a bad report card, particularly since you are using a new pump. I think it would be harder to go from the Ping to the Omni-Pod than going from the Ping to the Revel. The tubed pumps are so similar. I don't think OmniPod has insulin on board yet? That would throw me and I'd probably overcompensate sometimes. You did okay!

  3. totally understand your "oof"...but I just wanted to say i think you are doing amazing and 7.7 is a great number! In fact, whenever Emma gets a 7.7 (we're in canada) on her BG meter, I always say "BEST YEAR EVER!" because I was in fact born in '!

  4. Pffft...that A1c ain't got nuttin on you, SISTA!

    You'll rock the new settings, and totally put D in it's place!!!

    That being said, CONGRATS on 7.7!!! Pretty dang good, considering all the ups, downs, changes, and food in the past 3 months ;)

  5. That is not a "bad" A1C, but I understand how you feel. Our Dr. only says 8 or under for their age. He was thrilled and surprised with Natalie's last 6.8....I don't think they see that too often in kids their age. You are doing great and with a new pump, holidays, big growth, very understandable the increase. Guess now I can prepare myself for our next visit in a couple weeks.

  6. Not bad at all! I think you have a great perspective. You've been through a lot recently.... Live you!!