Saturday, January 28, 2012

Mom's Gold Star*

This has been an interesting diabetes week in the Drew household. We've had low lows and high highs. But things have gone swimmingly thanks to my new buddy.

For those of you who have followed our journey, you know of my intense love/hate relationship with Dexcom. It just never worked well for us. We'd get 2 or 3 good days out of a sensor, then ??? or a sensor error.

This little wonder? Has been SPOT ON. I mean, numbers matching EXACTLY what his PDM says. For an entire week! So this is what y'all rave about!! We've finally experienced Dexcom nirvana after a year and a half. Usually we lose control with Dex after a fast drop or a fast rise:


Not this time, baby! Dexcom actually did what it is supposed to do. It helped me see this wicked fast drop, then allowed me to treat before he dumped further than 94 and he leveled off in the 140's for the night.

This week Dex was much needed. Adam had to go under anesthesia on Tuesday for an eye procedure, and Dex was right there, which the anesthesiologist loved. I was able to see that he was dropping before the procedure, so I could effectively temp basal (no food/drink after midnight) and I saw a slight rise in BG from his anxiety right before and after. We also had a cannula pop out yesterday (hence, that HIGH on the Dex above!) and while I rage-injected...I was able to head off the impending low.

The planets aligned for us this week. No, D didn't behave (it never does) but at least this week I had an extra friend to help me out with it.

Dex, won't you please be good forever? I promise I'll give you lots of gold stars. :)


  1. LOVE those rare times that Dex is right on.
    To more good sensors!!!

  2. Now you finally see what I see! I really should be a spokeswoman. I love Dex so much, I try and sell it to everybody. But, we actually have kind of a bad sensor going right now...unfortunately, they happen!

  3. Oh, those wonderful sensors that are spot on. L.O.V.E. me some of that, too! Thankfully we haven't had any really bad sensors, but there have been a couple that have been more off than on and I'm more than happy to send them on their merry way once their 7 days is up. Haven't had to replace one sooner and I have to admit that we totally restart the 'good' ones!
    Glad to hear the surgery went well. Bean has surgeries in her future (nothing set yet, but their on the horizon) and adding D to the mix just makes my head spin. Thanks for gives me hope!! :)

    1. See, I'm so amazed that everyone has these great experiences with Dex! And I know we're doing it right, because my neighbor works for Dexcom, is a T1D herself and she can't figure out what the deal is. I guess Adam's super special, LOL! Is Bean having bone graft surgery? We go back in November to see when/if Adam has to do it. I'm NOT looking forward to that, ugh.