Thursday, April 14, 2011


I just had to share this...

We were at Dunkin' Donuts this morning (reward for being brave after his 5 year check up!) and he was in an especially talkative mood. He struck up a conversation with a lady and she asked him about what was on his arm (his pump site.)

He says, "Um, it gives me insulin for my diabetes. One day I went to football practice and then we went to IHOP and I drank 3 cups of milk and I was really, really thirsty and the next day I went to the doctor and I got diabetical."

Diabetical. Bwahahahaha! He just cracks me up. And for the record, I had no idea he remembered the events that led up to his diagnosis. He surprises me every day. 

He had a good 5 year check up, despite freaking the freak out over the TB test. For a kid who gets poked a lot, he sure doesn't like them at the doctor's office! He is still my strong, healthy boy. He's in the 97th percentile for both height AND weight, 53 lbs. and 3 ft. 10 inches tall. 


  1. too cute!! I don't think Cara remembers the events that occurred before her dx.

  2. Okay, this is just too funny the coincidences between our two...I think they need to meet. TB test and freaking out over it for them both all in the same week. Natalie is 43 lbs and 3ft 9 1/4 inches tall, so she needs a tall one like Adam. :-) I laughed out loud over the diabetical comment and Natalie asked me what I was laughing out. So I pointed out Adam's picture and that he also has diabetes and he also is 5. She got a really big smile and then started to talk about how tall she is and all the great things she can do because she is 5. I then asked if she wanted to see a picture of his pump (I think you have one on here??)...she was not having any of that!

  3. Aw, they sound like two peas in a pod! :) I remember you saying that about Natalie and the TB test...I was totally dreading the appt. today and avoiding the question "AM I GOING TO GET A SHOT???"

    I think I have a pump pic on here...back in January when he first got it on. So Natalie's not sure of the pump thing, huh? Adam was not keen on it at all either, until he had it on for a few days - then he realized no more shots!

  4. That is classic!! I think it is my new favorite word!! LOL!!

  5. That is a story to remember! Love it! :)

    Jack, who's been on MDI for 3.5 years now, freaks out over flu shots. Go figure!

  6. Sounds like "Diabolical"...BWAHaHa!!!

    OMGoodness, that is funny. I think we need to "adopt" this as a new term in the doc and use it in blogging. For instance "As I was pancreating for my diabetical son, Joe..." I use "pancreating" all the time...I don't think it is a word, but I love it.


  7. That is awesome! You need to put that on a shirt :)

    My daughter also hates vaccinations. The irony.

  8. Diabetical... I love it! Hope his birthday was great!

  9. awww diabetical. thats awesome. how wonderful hes got dialogue about his diabetes. dont they surprise you again and again. the thing i always think about my diabetic son is how strong and healthy he looks. i mean, nobody can see his dodgy pancreas, right?