Tuesday, April 19, 2011

And the Award for Most Useless Organ of Adam's Body Goes to...

Adam's pancreas! Adam's pancreas is officially done, kaput, finished putting out insulin. The honeymoon is over.

Thanks for the memories, it was fun while it lasted. (not nearly long enough, jerk.)

Adam had his endo appointment today. His A1C is up to 7.6 from 7.3. Oh well. I was expecting it to be much higher, actually, so I'm happy with that number. Dr. H said that it was great, especially from looking at the Dexcom, he hasn't had many lows, so to get 7.6 as an A1C without lows is a good thing. Of course, he said, there's always room for improvement! I honestly think that Adam's numbers will be better once he's in school full-time and on a more rigid eating schedule. He's a grazer, and it's hard for me to work on that when we're at home together all day long. I love our doctor because he's so good about everything...he basically says, "I'm here to support you and guide you, so whatever you need, let's get it done." Love that.

I got our prescription changed to include an extra vial of Apidra since we're cutting it close every month and wasting some with priming and site failures. I also got a script for some more Freestyle lite strips...a total luxury to me, but I just REALLY miss using the Freestyle lite meter at night with the nightlight to see what I'm doing! Why can't One Touch come up with a meter with a light? Don't they know we check our kids in the middle of the night? Dude, it's really hard to see a blood droplet in the dark.

He made some adjustments to his afternoon basal rates and I'm still going to tweak his breakfast I:C ratio and see if we can get him to stop spiking after breakfast.

I also got the paperwork for school - we'll go more in-depth about it in July, but at least I can start planning what I want to have happen at school and then he'll sign off on it before school starts. I'm not even ready to go there yet.

All in all, it was a good appointment. I felt reassured with him telling me that his numbers are never gonna be perfect - it's still hard to get my mind wrapped around that he's never going to have the BG of a non-diabetic, but it was good to hear that from a professional, you know?


  1. So wonderful to have a Dr that is there to support and guide instead of judge! (We switched clinics for that exact reason.)
    Happy that you are pleased with the A1C...trying not to be jealous! ;) Hope you are able to figure out that post breakfast spike. It always amazes me how the body can process food so differently at different times of the day.
    Good luck with the school stuff. Each district is a bit different on the paperwork and forms they need, so it's great that you are starting to get them together now. We've found that we know way more about what the school needs than the school does and have even helped 'fix' somethings to make it easier not just for Bean but for any t1s that come after her.

  2. Dr. H really is terrific. We like him so much. Congrats on the nice A1C!

    May I recommend something and give a small bit of unsolicited advice? Consider talking in May, before the start of the next school year, to the school nurse or whoever will be in charge of his D care. You don't have to go over the whole schebang. An intro to Adam and his needs will do, and you can ask them what they will need from you. It's kind of like sending out an alert that says Adam is coming in the fall and we'll need to talk. That way, they'll know they need to work you into their planning for the fall.

  3. So glad the appointment went well.

    Good job on the A1C! You're a good pancreas. : )

  4. nice work!!
    Let me know if you figure out that breakfast spike...we've been working on it for years!!!
    I am already getting anxious about the school thing for next year (Bryce is only half day Kindy now so full day next year, ack!). Like Heidi said, contact the school nurse soon to meet before school gets out.

  5. A good endo is such a blessing! Awesome A1C! Celebrate your victory!

  6. Rock that a1c! Woot!!
    Your post made me laugh. Dude! Don't they know we check our kids bg at night - - helllllooo??

    I love our Freestyle!!

    Oh yea - and thanks for nothing stupid pancreas. I can say that cause my kids got a crapped out pancreas too. Same!!


  7. Wooo-FREAKIN-Hoooooooooooooooooo on your A1C Mama! You are doing a great job. xoxo

  8. You go with your bad pancreas self!!!! Nice A1C report, my friend.

    As for the honeymoon being over, I am totally jealous. I can't wait for Ellie's pitiful pancreas to go kaput.

  9. You rock it, Mama! Keep up that awesome work!

    Love Freestyle. Don't use it anymore, but LOVED IT WHEN WE DID!

    I read the other day about a mama who wears a headlamp -- like for running when it's dark.


    I may have to consider it :)