Tuesday, March 29, 2011

So far, so good!

Man, am I ever glad I tried an arm site!!! His numbers are seriously rocking today. Could a site have that much difference in insulin absorption? Adam was waking in the 200's for the last week or so, and we've always done tummy sites. This morning, with his fresh arm site, he woke up at 134.


I was ready to email his endo to talk basal changes. Could new real estate be the trick? Sure, we've rotated on his tummy, but since our pump start in January, that's mainly where he's had them. Maybe his tummy needs a break?

Still not feeling the Dex love. Right now, it just alarmed that he was low, and he's at 164. Whatevs, Dex. You're acting like a bratty teenager just to spite me, I know it.

Carrie left a comment on my other post that made me think, though. Maybe I'm expecting too much from the CGM. After all, it is designed for ADULTS, not necessarily active preschoolers. Maybe I need to cut Dex some slack in that department. I'm sure it works great for adults 90% of the time, but for wild and crazy boys like my Adam...maybe not so much. He's going to bump it, bang it and just be rough, so it's not going to be perfect.


  1. The "Whatevs Dex" made me laugh out loud...

  2. Good point made by Carrie. I think it at times falls behind b/c young kids rise and drop at RAPID RATES. Trending is the key with Dex. I love it for the trends.

  3. Our experience with Dex has been nothing but awesome...until this week. Dex has been off, off, off. Last night, it kept alerting that he was high with double arrows up, when the glucometer was telling me that he was stable in the 130s. Go figure. I'm thinking it's a bad sensor. I don't know...I do know Jack is a wild and crazy kid too! Carrie may be onto something though...

    We haven't started pumping, so I have no personal experience from which to speak. But I have heard others talk about better numbers with different locations.

  4. i have crazy active boys here, they do play hard, surely that has plenty to do with it? i have probs keeping up with them, let alone some technology measuring sugars...

  5. I give Dex the middle finger daily girl!