Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Yay for 24 hour Animas support!

Well, this is a first.

I'm downstairs, minding my own business, when I hear this random beeping. My spidey senses are tuned to all of the different beeps that my son emits, but this one was different. It wasn't Dex, it wasn't the Fur Elise of Adam's pump...it kind of sounded like his remote. Then I thought it was my washing machine. It, too, beeps lovely sounds when it is finished. I swear, I hear beeping in my sleep. The other night the smoke alarm started beeping and I was like, "CAN MY LIFE STOP BEEPING FOR JUST ONE HOUR???"

Sorry, tangent.

Then I  heard it again, so I went upstairs to investigate. It WAS Adam's remote...it was telling me "Total Daily Dose of 24 units exceeded. No Delivery."

Say whaaa?

First I panicked, thinking that somehow I had inadvertently given him a huge dose of insulin. Even though I was downstairs. Or maybe his pump unlocked and buttons got pushed.

So, I thought, well, Animas has 24 hour support, right? So I called and the nice lady told me that yes, indeed, it was his pump and he was not getting any basal because we had exceeded his daily dose. She walked me through the steps of increasing it and Adam is now getting his basal.

Then it kind of shocked me...I can't believe he went through 24 units of insulin today. I need to email his endo and get his basals fixed...he is definitely coming out of honeymooning, as his needs are steadily increasing. In some weird way, it makes me really sad to give him these huge doses of insulin. Kind of like, it doesn't seem as bad if he's just getting small doses...but now that he's needing so much more, it's hitting me that he is truly insulin DEPENDENT.

I've just been feeling kind of sad tonight about diabetes, especially since before I put Adam to bed, he says to me, "Mama, I know there will be a cure for diabetes someday. I will get rich and I will find a cure."

And then this...seems like T1D is slapping me in the face lately.

Oh, and Dex, I'm giving you the middle finger. We've got ??? right now.


  1. Stephanie, I completely understand your feelings. I think the exact same thing when we keep increasing Natalie's insulin. She is getting so much more than when she was diagnosed and I really don't think she had much of a honeymoon. It makes me sick when I think about how much she gets each day....just like you said, it didn't seem "as bad" with the small doses, but now reality slaps us each day and shows us just how dependent their lives are on insulin. Sorry I'm not very encouraging, just want to say I get it and it helps me too knowing I'm not the only one to have the same thoughts and feelings. I can feel so alone at times. Well now I'm crying! Thanks for posting.

  2. I know how you feel. Been there, felt that. (((HUGS)))

  3. You have learned SO MUCH...remember...you're still a NEWBIE! Think of where you were 6 months ago...how far you've come. Great job for responding to the beeping ;)

    UGH on reality.

    I know :(

  4. you post made me both laugh and feel sad. i know the feeling. hang in there.
    what a sweet boy, i hope he does find the CURE!

  5. Oh Sweetie - tears. I hate that slap and I hate how it sometimes come out of nowhere.

    24 units would have freaked me out too but we will probably be there before I know it.

    Thinking about you and that sweet boy that just might be the ones that finds the cure some day.