Monday, March 28, 2011

Okay, I lasted a day.

I caved. Well, actually, I really wasn't going to put Dex in today, but on the way to preschool Adam says, "Hey, how about if I get a Dunkin Donut as my treat after you put a new Dexcom in? I'll even let you put it in my butt!"

Well, with an offer like that, how could I refuse? ;)

So Dex is in the bum. We've waited the 2 hours. But I can't calibrate yet.


Because Adam's BS is 568. Yeah, you read that right. Obviously we've had a site failure, since after preschool he was in the 400's and I gave him a huge bolus to bring it down. Which it obviously didn't.

So I put a new site in. We tried his arm for the first time today. Some of y'all seem to have really good luck with arm sites, so here we go. Now I wait for his BS to come down so I can calibrate the G-D Dex and hope and pray that it works this week.

I guess I'm not 'over' Dexcom, but ladies....I'm SO OVER DIABETES right now.


  1. I think Dex is an addiction. You just can't kick it.

  2. I'm just getting around to reading your last post. I have a love hate relationship with dex too. I have found that I was trying to calibrate it too much and ended up with errors.

    APPARENTLY... your only suppose to enter a bg like one a day. ???? who knew ????

    not sure if that would help. I am sure you have already thought of it.

    these days we only use it when he is sick or we need trends. ALSO... skin tac has helped with the pool thing.

  3. WOOT...I hope the arm site works well!

  4. good luck with the new site. my son has so little fat on his arm (my eldest, non d son is nearly 7 and his baby fat is all but...g o n e !) you ladies do a great job working around all the contstraints with the new technology. hang in there, i agree im over D too.

  5. Awww, sorry you're having a rough go of it lately. Hope the new site works out and you were able to get his BG down.