Sunday, October 10, 2010

Surgery and T1D

I have lots to update on, but my first question for all you experienced D-moms out there is - has your child with diabetes had to have surgery?

'Cause we've gotta do it with Adam.

Ugh. I swear, when it rains, it pours. Every 3 months, Adam sees his eye surgeon to keep tabs on his right eye - the one he had a cataract and the lens removed in. For the last year, he's told me that an eye muscle surgery is going to happen at some point, and, well...that point is now. He's scheduled for December, so we've got some time. I'm just worried about the D aspect of it.

We also met our new endo for Adam this week. LOOOOVVE him! He spent an entire hour with us and was really great with him. I am so glad we switched and I feel so much better that we are in his care. With all the talk about A1C's around the DOC, we had Adam's checked while we were at the office. Since we can only have a *good* number at this point, coming down from the 8.5 in the hospital, I was pleased to find out that it was 7.4. Hopefully in 3 months it will be the same.

He didn't see the need to change anything at this point, as Adam's numbers have been pretty steady. We talked about pumps for a bit, but I think we're still about 6 months off from making a decision about that.


  1. Great job on the A1c! That's PERFECT :)

    In my experience as a R.N., the anesthesiologist should keep close tabs on blood sugars. He should be scheduled early, if not first, of the day...and they'll have an IV to treat lows if needed.

    Sugar has had anesthesia 3 times since dx -- once for dental work and twice for endoscopies. We haven't had any issues and I'll pray it goes just as well for you guys!

  2. Justin had to have his tubes removed because they were stuck in his ears. I was so stressed, but everything went well. Wendy is right about him being first... they tried to set Justin's later in the day and I had to pitch a hissy, but they got him in first after I did :)

    Keep us posted on how it goes.

  3. Thanks ladies...they did say that he would be first in line for surgery at 7am, so that makes me feel better. He'll be at Phx Childrens, so that is good too. :)

  4. Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on how you look at it Joe has not had surgery since "d". Please keep us posted...good luck.

  5. P.S. AWESOME on the A1C. You rock D Mama!!!

  6. No surgery for us either. Sorry I'm not much help there.

    I'm so happy you like the new endo!!!!

    Great job on the A1C,too!!!

  7. Emma has just had anesthesia for an endoscopy. I was super nervous, but it went well. They were really on top of it. She was still in her honeymoon phase so her blood sugar was constantly dropping. I just emphasized that to them and it went well.
    I was almost more nervous about her getting the IV because when she was dx she freaked out and hyperventilated and was still talking about how bad it was 8 months later. So for the endoscopy they were great and gave her something by mouth (versed maybe?) that totally calmed her down and she didn't even care when they gave her the IV.
    Good luck with the upcoming surgery!