Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Naked Pancreas - in the desert!

I haven’t felt much like blogging lately…things are pretty steady around here as far as “D” goes…my little “honeymooner” is doing really well. We’ve also been getting ready for our very first JDRF Walk for the Cure this Saturday!

So, I thought I’d copy Reyna and add to the Naked Pancreas meme even though we are not pumping yet. :)

1. What kind on insulin management mode do you use? Adam is currently on MDI, and things are going really well with that right now. I’m anticipating we’ll be on a pump next year, though.

2. How often do you inject/change pump sites? Right now, we’re injecting an average of 6 times a day. Adam is quite the grazer, and sometimes it is more than that!

3. What type (s) of insulin do you use? We use Novolog and Levemir

4. What are your basal settings?
Adam is on 3 units of Levemir – we give him his dose at 7pm every night. Levemir seems to keep things pretty steady – his morning BGs are always in the 120’s.

5. What are your correction factors ?
Adam’s correction factor is 1:150. We haven’t had to use this very often so far.

6. What are your meal ratios ?
1:30 for all meals. His previous endo had him at 1:25 for breakfast, but he was bottoming out at preschool, so I changed it (with the blessing of his new endo) and that has kept things steady.

7. What do you do for activity and/or PE?
Adam is at preschool for 2 ½ hours Monday, Wednesday and Friday and I give him an uncovered snack for snacktime – usually around 15 carbs. When I leave him at school, his BG is usually around 140, and by snacktime 2 hours later he’s ready for a snack. When I test him when he gets home, he’s (hopefully) around 130.

For his football practice and games, we give him a snack before, or glucose tabs if he’s low.

8. How do you manage Pizza, Macaroni and Cheese, or any other "difficult to manage" foods?
No clue. We dose, then deal with the aftermath!

9. How do you prefer to manage your logs/data?
Since we are still new to this, we are using the log sheets our nurse gave us. I went to Kinkos and made like 100 copies of it and keep it all in a 3 ring binder. It works for us right now.


  1. Glad to see everything is going well!!! Thanks for sharing your info! ((HUGS))

  2. It sounds like he AND you are doing great. That is wonderful that you don't need to use the correction often. And his fasting bgs are terrific. Keep up the great work Mama Pancreas!

  3. Great to hear from you..another Mama Pancreas at work!