Thursday, May 31, 2012

Just when you think you have it all together...

...diabetes kicks you in the a$$.

Today was one of our first "fun" days planned for summer. A trip to Pump it Up (indoor bounce place) and a day with some wonderful friends.

We arrive at the bounce place at 10am, and I do a pre-bounce BG check. And what do I see?


Oh yeah. I have no idea what happened this morning, but being 42 BEFORE even bouncing was not good. Since I didn't expect to have an issue today, all I had with me was glucose tabs, cookies, fruit snacks and a Balance bar.

Of course, the boy child wanted none of this. So I hit the vending machine, looking for some juice.

Ooops...I don't have any cash.

I frantically butt in line and ask the cashier lady if there is any way I can get a son is diabetic, very low..blah, blah, blah. She graciously uses the key to open the vending machine and gets me a 72 carb Minute Maid fruit punch. And then I use my debit card to pay her for the $1.25. :)

So he drinks half...eats the fruit snacks AND a glucose tab and he runs off to bounce. I figure he's got about 50 carbs at least rushing into his body AND I turned his basal down to minus 85%.

Twenty minutes later, he's 97. Whew. He drinks the rest of the fruit punch (about 30 more carbs).

I test him AGAIN in 20 minutes. He's 67.

Oy vey!! I felt like a rookie today...I was pretty much out of sugar and I had no idea what was going to happen from here on out. Luckily, the kiddos were already exhausted so we headed off to lunch.

So what does any sane diabetic mom do in the afternoon? When the kids beg to swim, I say SURE!!!

And then Adam's pod promptly falls off.

Some days you just have to laugh. We were about a half an hour from home, and OF COURSE I had no extra pod with me. Since it was happy hour at Sonic, I gave him an injection and we got our half-price slushies, with my resolve to put a pod on as soon as we got home.

His BG was 189 when we got home, so I felt I could wait a bit and put numbing cream on because Adam asked (sometimes he does, and sometimes he doesn't. He was tired, and I obliged.)

But THEN....Jason comes downstairs and says, "It's five minutes until karate...Adam do you want to go???" Of course he's desperate to go...and I have no time to put a pod on. I take a chance and let him go without a pod (the class is a half an hour long, and is literally 2 minutes from our house.)

Today was so weird. :) So he got home from karate...BG is 250 and I get a pod on him finally.

Then hubby wants to go to Costco for shopping and dinner. And ya'll know that means PIZZA.

Who knows what will happen tonight with his BG!! But I just have to laugh. And my buddy keeps me laughing because today, he put on ALL of his diabetes bracelets because....well, just because, I guess.


  1. Gotta just laugh at days like that or we'll wind up in the corner crying and rocking!!
    Sure hope those days are very few and far between this summer!!!

  2. Oy what a day! kind of had one of those myself day at school for lunch, birthday dinner for hubby and Emma's BG was stupid high before she even ate, cheesecake for dessert...ughh...the sun will come out tomorrow, right?

  3. Seriously...Roller-coaster day for you guys fo' sho'! But...sounds like you and Adam handled it with grace, as always Steph. I woulda jabbed my eyeballs out by the time Costco PIZZA hit.

  4. that might be the craziest diabetes day i've ever heard of! holy cow! good luck overnight tonight!

    that pic made me smile. sometimes L wears all of her bracelets at once too!

  5. Yikes!! We've all had some crazy d-days, but you really rolled a lot into one! :)

    THOSE are the days our non-d friends don't see... how every activity builds on the next one until there's no possible formula or calculation that's going to make sense.

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