Thursday, April 26, 2012

A little time to update

Here I sit...empty house, quiet (finally!) so I thought I'd do a rambling, random blog update. :)

We had Adam's 6th birthday 2 weeks ago. I have to say, it was a FANTASTIC day and my favorite birthday party to date. We had a "reptile guy" come to our house to do a presentation for the kids and they were enthralled for an entire hour.

Let's just say it was a 6 year old boy's dream. :) He had a great day and I can't believe my boy is SIX!

I also cannot believe we only have one month left of school. I'm sad...I like my little boy being a kindergartener. He had had a fabulous year - he's made lots of friends, learned a lot (I still can't get over how well he can read! I just love this age.) And while I was nervous at the beginning of the year diabetes-wise, this second half of the year has been really smooth. We have a great routine in place and the nurse and health assistant know Adam well enough now to know all of his diabetic "quirks" so to speak...for example, in the afternoon, if his BG is a "perfect" 100...they know that likely he will drop and will give him a little boost. That kind of stuff is priceless to me that they know him so well now. Next year should be even better since the teacher he will have is wonderful, already knows him well (she taught Sydney for 1st grade) and is ready for the challenge.


  1. Oh Stephanie,
    What a sweet snaky part that was! You got some great photos. Really like the one with the snake around the waist. Sounds like things are good!

  2. happy birthday to adam! those pics are AMAZING, especially the last one, wow!

    glad this year has been so well in school and happy to hear you've got things sorted for next year already. yay!

  3. What a great mother for allowing all of those reptiles in your house...I would still be having nightmares.

    I'm happy to hear that Adam had a great birthday!

  4. I bet the other kids went home asking for the same kind of birthday party! And it's wonderful that you have peace of mind going into the first grade. Happy belated birthday!