Thursday, December 8, 2011

And the glassybaby goes to...

Ha! You thought I'd say it right away? Tee hee...

I should have posted this earlier, but Adam has been sick with a nasty cold and we've been enjoying some nice daytime naps. Haven't gotten anything done the last few days, but snuggling with my boy and the kitty has made for some cozy afternoons. And I've watched more Big Time Rush episodes than I care to admit...let's just not talk about that, mmmkay?

So, I had 9 entries...which made the chances that much better for all of you that entered. :) I printed out the comments, cut them into strips and put them in Adam's hat:

And then....he picked one!: can't read that? Damn camera - I focused on that cute face with the red, runny nose. Here's what it says:

It's WENDY!! Wendy, Wendy, bo bendy, banana-fana fo my mo mendy...WENDY!

Sorry...not sure where that song came from. Must be feeling goofy tonight! 

Wendy, my friend, you are our winner. Yay! Email me at with your address and I will send it to you. Luckily, I don't have to send it far. :)

On that note, we have been busy Clark Griswold-ing our house for the holidays. One of the perks of having an 8 year old is that I didn't have to decorate one of our trees - she did it all by herself!

We also have another "helper" this year:

Yeah, she's not much of a help. She's pretty much un-decorated the bottom of each tree. She's too cute to be mad at, though!

And for kicks...I have to share this ornament that Adam made last year. I LOVE it and he HATES it. I keep finding it upside down behind the tree. Then I promptly put it back up, front and center.

It makes me chuckle!

In other news...our OmniPod has arrived! We've got pods, a PDM and a nervous mommy. We aren't training until the 16th (my choice) so that we can get used to it over Christmas break before I have to re-teach his nurses what to do.
That's the news from here...time to put my little rugrats to bed. Tomorrow is FRIDAY...yay!


  1. MEEEEEEEEE???????


    Thank you...and thanks to your mommy too!

  2. Hooray Wendy! And Hooray for embarrassing ornaments! I have a couple too. :)

  3. Congratulations Wendy....I wish I could give one to each of you. It might sound strange, but they do inspire something in you when you see them lit. I HOPE you enjoy it! Stephie's Mom

  4. Haha.. That ornament is pretty awesome!