Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Verdict?

Well, we've been "podding" for 10 days now.

Do I like it? Yes.

Do I love it?


After being on the Animas Ping for a year, and having our own struggles with that, I wasn't naive enough to assume that switching to OmniPod would be smooth sailing. But I did have a teeny, tiny hope deep down inside that it would rock our world (in a good way, of course!) I didn't expect a bent cannula, blood in the NEXT cannula and a ripped-off pod in the first week alone.

I have come to the following conclusion: All artificial insulin delivery systems suck ass in their own special way.

**groundbreaking, right?**

Sigh. Don't get me wrong. The pod is super neat. I like love the PDM. The bright screen, the intuitive software. It's awesome. I'm working around the lack of IOB just fine (although, he's been so dang high, that has NOT been an issue.)

There are a few things working against us, I suppose. It's been an exciting week (Did ya'll hear that it was CHRISTMAS??!!) He's complained of pain in his legs, which always mean GROWING pains, which means basals probably need to be increased.

I put his Dexcom on him for the first time in months, but it's been giving me the ol' three-question-mark salute every night when I need to see what is going on. We should have a whole new Dex system arriving tomorrow, since our warranty expired on the old one and I suspect our transmitter is just kaput.

Do you guys ever just feel like saying F&%$ it, and go back to shots? Because man, MDI seems so much easier at the moment. There are fewer variables. You KNOW the insulin is getting in. There's no bent cannula/blood in cannula/ripped site or pod crap.

So the verdict is in. Pumps are a wonderful tool in delivering insulin, but they are all far from perfect.  Adam, on the other hand, enjoys being free of the tubing so much, that we are going to keep "podding" along until we get it all figured out.

2012, please be kind.


  1. Wow...I didn't even know you guys switched! That serves me right for being so outta the loop! I am anxious to follow your journey with the pod. I have always thought Joe would really benefit from a tubeless system, but cannot convince him to change AND our Endo does not support using Omnipod AT ALL due to the IOB issue. Love to you and yours!

  2. Loved seeing his sweet smile and I've been anxious for an update. Nat is sitting next to me and looked at the picture of Adam with his pod. She wants to know if some kids can wear their pump on their leg.

    I tell you, when I read so many blogs lately about the issues with pumping, I do feel like shots are easier in some ways. BUT....we've had major issues with shots the last few days....crying about it hurting, crying about where we put the shot, crying because she didn't tell me ALL she wanted to eat and didn't want another shot. You are right...none of it is perfect, it all really sucks and I'm so over it. Here's to hoping 2012 is better for all our kids and maybe it's the year for the CURE! Now, wouldn't that be great?!

  3. You'd have to drag me kicking and screaming (and cussing) to switch from the OmniPod back to MDI.

    Of course there's a learning curve when switching to any new medical device, and there are minor issues here and there, but we find the OmniPod to be a great fit for our family.

  4. I have thought the same thing...but then after a couple days on shots waiting for our new Ping to come, I can say I would NOT go back to MDI. I will follow your story though because we have though about switching Lovebug to the Pod. (she uses a Ping now) Not because of issues with the Ping just less for her to wear around her waist and NO CORDS! :)

  5. I often have the same thoughts about going back to mdi. But, my kid hates that. Shots are not convenient. And, you can't lower basals at night and higher them in the morn. Yes, definitely pumps are good, but they're not a pancreas, by any means.

  6. Yup... I miss shots too sometimes. Even the good ol' NPH. You said it best, it ALL sucks ass.

  7. I love pumping, but there are times when it drives me a bit crazy. Still, I'd never go back to shots!!!
    And can I just say he is such a cutie!!!

  8. That devilish grin is priceless!
    I have to agree that it would take a hell of a lot to get us to go back to MDI. We are tried and true Podders...sure, we have our issues, but we work through them and press on.
    I hope you are able to work through yours and things even out!

  9. i hope all smooths out soon and yes i totally agree the pump drives me mental sometimes...but i love it...i love it and i hate it...lol...weird i know

  10. Pumping doesn't suck for us. It's been a Godsend compared to the days on MDI when she would pass out regularly from low blood sugars...horrific low recovery (refusing juice, biting, kicking, screaming, combative, cake mate, etc) on top of repeated head injuries from her falls. It was awful...and, as long as I'm managing the 'beetus, we'll never go back.

    I credit the ability to program zero basals periodically throughout the day, administer micro doses, and IOB as the reasons we were able to put a stop to that madness.

    On a side note, we've been having some problems with one of our appliances over the past few weeks. I was searching around to see if anyone else had the same complaints and ran across this website. On a whim, I entered "insulin pump complaints" just to see what came up...


    If you're frustrated, just know you aren't alone. I will pray that things smooth out for you, and I'm still hoping you find that lush, green grass you've been hoping for!!!!!

  11. I'm sure there is a learning curve with any new pump. But believe you will gain proficiency and things will get a lot easier. Hope sooner rather than later; sounds like you need a break.

  12. HI I am a Surgeon and My Son Manoel is 8 y/o and in use of Omnipod for 3 month+ now. First month I was not very satisfied with four PODS being lost by him. Last month we lost just one and my son improved his A1c from 7.5 - 8.2 Range to 6.8 what is the best of his life... BUT Be careful to do not drop the PDM (We lost one) and go ahead. "No sting" is a very helpful product to increase adhesivity, keep pod in place and to avoid the sting bite from the needle, and 3M adhesive Tegaderm very good for swimming and the day at the beach. Please Dont use NO-Sting with the DEXCOM sensors as it will damage the sensor. Take care and be patient with the OmniPOD it will be your best friend very soon!!! I am ok to be contacted if you want. Gustavo [glcmd1@gmail.com]

  13. Hi. It's your other Anonymous friend here. Glad Adam is pleased. There's bound to be a period of adjustment but I hope it settles down soon. Just a thought, are you still using Apidra?

    Some Podders never have an issue with it but for many, the Apidra goes bad after 48 hours in the Pod and you might as well be bolusing water. It is a very temperature sensitive insulin, even more than others and because the Pod is worn on the body it overheats. As I say, not all Podders have this issue but something to watch.

    You're probably right that the excitement of the holidays and a growth spurt could have a lot to do with it. Maybe try some basal testing. At first I just entered the same rates I'd had on the Ping but it didn't work like that.

    Knocking off Pods is a pain. I like Coban self-adhesive wrap on mine or Bands4life. I find my back is by far the worst for that and my tummy is the best. For the insertion, sometimes it is helpful to pinch up but sometimes it just leads to more kinks. You'll figure out what works for Adam.

  14. Maybe this is why I haven't been brave enough to try anything new. We are experts at one tiny piece of machinery (ok, that's an over-statement!), and that's all I can handle.
    You've done so much-and really learned a lot. Chalk it up to experience. I think it can only get better. : ) Praying 2012 is tons better for you and Adam. (But Mom? He looks pretty happy!) : )

  15. I'm sorry!! I hope it gets better fast!
    We have a host of problems when we pod. I try to give it the benefit of the doubt, because we know people who do well with them, and we have had some good days and some success, and we only use them in spurts without time for "mastery." I also try to never knock any D product because I never want to hurt anyone else's feelings... I hate it when people bash D products that I use... so I've yet to blog our experience... but Emma and I were both pushed to tears and near hysteria several times this summer while podding... and I haven't cried over bad/pulled out/knocked off/WTH? sites, insane highs and emergency shots in random places in, well, ever... I have a new box of pods sitting in my supply cabinet and I'm not sure if they will ever get used.

    We have loved our tubed pump for 6 years and have had very few problems. I'm so glad we only have the Omnipod as an option.

  16. Hi, my name is Heather! Please email me when you can, I have a question about your blog!


  17. sorry the switch has been tricky, hope things mellow out sooner rather than later. love his smile there. happy new year!

  18. I am still injecting Insulin... I haven't had the courage to switch to pumping. Keep us posted!

  19. What great comments! Thanks for clueing me in to the fact that you guys are switching as well (I don't keep up nearly as much as I'd like)! We had a really, really rough patch with sets when on the Animus, just like what you've described, so I'm sort of bracing for some of that with the Pod. Sorry you're having a rough start - it's maddening when you can't just get the insulin through consistently! Fingers crossed that things smooth out soon, and let's keep in touch!