Thursday, November 3, 2011


Aaack! I don't really have anything substantial to post...but, I just had to get my toes off the top of my blog. :) They looked fine on my cellphone...but dude, on my computer screen...ugh, just....NO.

I can't believe that Halloween was just on Monday...I have been out in the stores this week and it seems like the holidays are already in full swing. I hit a department store today, and the Christmas trees and decorations were all up! Crazy. I mean, I LOVE Christmas, but I'm just not ready to jump into it yet.

In other news, our JDRF Walk is on Saturday! I'm looking forward to it - it's going to be COLD out! Yes, I am nuts, but us desert dwellers rarely get cold days. We will have a small group this year, but two of Adam's buddies and their moms are walking with us, and I am thrilled for him. It will be a fun morning!

Okay, I think I've written enough to get those darn toes off the top of the page. :) Happy Thursday, everyone!


  1. Enjoy the walk! Hope it isn't too cold!

  2. So funny. I could never put my toes on my site. Not even at the bottom of the page.

  3. love the picture too funny! Enjoy your walk!

  4. LOVE the cartoon! Especially after my husband announced we are putting up our tree tomorrow! :D

    Good luck on your walk!