Monday, November 14, 2011


So it's World Diabetes Day. We commemorated the day by wearing blue....and going back on MDI (kinda).

Le sigh...maybe someone can help me. I'm at a loss. You all saw Adam's 600 number last week...well, that trend has continued. It is rare that I can get him out of the 300's most of the day. This weekend was the straw that broke the camel's my back.

Both Saturday and Sunday he was in the 300's. Both days I employed the use of temporary basals...on Sunday to the tune of +150% most of the day. Never got below 300, often he was in the 400's and 500's.

He just saw his endo a few weeks ago. At that time, he increased his basals across the board by .025, which was fine. When he started having highs last week, I increased everything again by .025 so that now most of his basals are at .400/hour. For reference, his breakfast I:C ratio is 1:16, and the rest of the day is 1:20 (and I really don't think I need to change them...but who knows.)

So last night, I'm pissed at the pump and I give him an injection before bed - which brought him down in range beautifully and quickly. And I do realize that an injection will generally work quicker than the pump because of better absorption, but it made me wonder if his pump is not working correctly. I've changed his sites both Sunday and Saturday (and I'm about to do it again tonight). No bent cannulas, no blood in the cannula.

This morning, he woke up at 185, I pre-bolused breakfast at 6am, but by 9am, he was 300. I emailed his endo this morning and he did not want to willy-nilly change basals right now, but to keep his pump on for basals today and bolus him via injection. So I did that for lunch, and by golly, he was in range at his next check.

I fully realize that pump failures are rare....but why would injections keep him in range, but his pump doesn't? I'm not sure what to do next. I'm doing injections tonight....changing the pump site, and then going back to the pump tomorrow to see if anything has changed.

Arrgh. My brain hurts. Why does this all have to be so damn hard? I'm incredibly frustrated and I HATE having him be in the 300's for as long as he has been. I'm so confused. We rotate sites...fresh insulin in the pump every 3 ketones at all (thank goodness!)

I'm finding it hard to trust in our pump right now. I am having the urge to go back to MDI because at least I know the insulin is getting in there. 


  1. As you know, we're still on MDI, so I'm no help, but want to let you know I care. I can imagine how frustrated and concerned you must be, and hope you're able to figure this out soon! (((HUGS)))

  2. I'm so sorry you are going through this. We are on shots too, so I'm not any help with the pump issues. It does seem odd that the shots are working to bring him down though while the pump isn't. Does the location the pump is put maybe need a break?? Natalie already has some tissue build up on her legs from the shots and we rotate religously. She was in 300's all weekend. Keep me posted on how he is doing.

  3. try the contact detach sets. they have steel cannulas so you KNOW there is no kink. We get much better numbers since Bryce has been on them.

  4. that must be so frustrating. we are on MDI now also so im not much help. do you definately think its an absorbtion issue, or pump problem? argh, hope someone has some advice for you!

  5. When it happens over here, I find some fresh untouched real estate (we have a few spots saved for such an occasion, but she's never happy about it.) Start fresh with new everything, and if it's still happening, I'd demand a new pump!

  6. It is not all that uncommon for pumps to malfunction and the signs are usually what you describe high blood sugars most of the time. I might go to endo and get a needle set to try, on Minimed called Rapid D, not sure name of the Animas set. With the needle you can be guaranteed he is getting insulin. Or, if you don't want to bother to trouble shoot further, you could just call Animas and have them send you a new pump. It does sound to me like the pump because he probably has not been pumping long enough to build up a lot of scar tissue. As you mentioned, he came down nicely with an injection. Animas will send you a new pump any time there is a problem. All the pump companies will. If you get a pump tech who for some reason is resistant, hang up and just call a few hours later. You will simply get another Rep. Most of them are very helpful. I, for one, think you need a new pump.

  7. ugh i can feel your frustration...:o( I hope that things get sorted out today and his numbers come down and stay down in range for you. hang in there!!

  8. Ugh so frustrating! I agree with Wendy, id change out everything new insulin, site, cartridge and real estate if still not working. Go back to MDI and disconnect pump. But leave it on, id watch if insulin is continuously flowing.

    Could also be a growth spurt. Good luck!