Sunday, October 16, 2011

A New Family Member!

Nah, not pregnant...but this week, we got the next best thing:

Meet our new kitten, Macy!

She is 2 lbs. of adorable fun - we adopted her from the Humane Society on Thursday, and she has already brought such JOY to our home!

If you know me in real will know that I have long-maintained a "no pet policy" in our home. Don't get me wrong...I love animals! My parents have 2 of the sweetest golden retrievers, and I love them...I just don't want to take care of them. But, as often kids wore me down. And my husband caved. And really, they deserve to experience growing up with a pet. Since we had cats when I was growing up, I figured that would be the best (read: low maintenance) pet for us.

We spent the last week searching for the perfect kitten for us - we went to the pound, and multiple Humane Society locations until we found Macy - a 7-week old little furball. She is SO much fun - and tolerates the kids handling her and playing with her so well.

Don't tell anyone, but I've never seen my husband so googly-eyed over another living thing...I even think he wasn't this crazy about our kids when they were babies!

So that has been keeping us busy! She has been a great addition to our home, and I am so happy we have her.


  1. Congrats!!! Kittens are so much fun! Macy is super cute!

    We have two cats and a dog. The cats are significantly less work than the dog, and they bring just as much joy to the family. You went with a good pet choice! (Can you tell I'm a cat person? :) )

  2. Kittens are AWSCHUM!!! It's why we have 4 :0. Seriously love our furry friends

  3. aww awesome addition to your family! my daughter wore me down similarly about 6 years ago and now i know our family wouldn't be the same without our cat, thumper. :)

  4. Adorable!!!
    Dominic is very attached to our 10-year old Maine Coon. He has that cat spoiled it isn't even funny.
    I am happy for you guys. I agree, pets really do bring a certain joy to a household