Saturday, February 19, 2011

Feeling Out of Control


Time to drag out the logbook again and do some basals. And perhaps even some carb ratio checking.

I'm at a loss with Adam's numbers the last week. Yes, he hasn't been feeling well, but I took him to the doctor yesterday and he doesn't have an infection (negative for strep & flu, thank goodness) just a virus/cold.

He's been waking in the 200's all week. Dex has not been able to keep up with his wildly fluctuating numbers, with us getting ??? half the time, so I just dumped it and I'm going to slap on a new one today.

I've been rockin' the temp basals, thanks to Reyna's reminder about how great they are, but I'm wondering when is it time to switch up the basals totally, or just keep temping? I have no idea how long this virus is going to last. He woke up at a fairly decent 153 this morning, and 2 hours after breakfast he is now 456!

Is it carb ratios? Sickness? Basal rates? I think I just don't know where to start. He has not been in the 100's for much of this week.

Where do I start, O wise ladies of pancreatic mothering?


  1. Oh Stephanie, I feel so bad for your frustration. I can't offer any suggestions, but I'm here for support.

    My son has been battling with illness too. There's some nasty stuff out there right now.

  2. temp basals across the board, with more increased temp basals 6pm to 11pm time period, backing off 12mid to 4am if he's anything like mine. If he's always high, you can do increase across the board by percentage.

  3. Sometimes it can take a few weeks after an illness for things to "normalize". I say give him another week or so and see where he is at. If he is still running high then start cranking up settings. On the breakfast does he normally spike? Have you tried the super-bolus? Or you can try an extra 10% bolus...but, like you said....and you are on may be some time for "tweaking" on a more permanent basis.

    Keep up the great work. You are on it. It is frustrating for sure. LOVE YOU!!!

  4. Remember he could still be honeymooning too. Stick to your 2 hour after eating number, if it's back where it should be then your carb ratio is don't want to use basals for carb coverage or you'll get caught sometime when he doesn't eat! After Ellie went into the hospital and came home a few weeks back she had some lows that we haven't seen in over 6 months?! Like FREAKY lows that came out of NOWHERE! The Endo reminded me that inflamation is a factor when the pancrease is getting attacked and when inflamation is down, she has the potential to spit out insulin on her own. This can go on for a year or even 5 years for some! Suddenly 4 weeks after the hospital stay she has these breakfast spikes that are horrible high again!? Ugh! For Ellie if I can get her 2 hour after meal number right then I'm looking at the food she's eating and trying to pre-bolus or get the timing down with the food and the peak of insulin. You are doing very well d-mama, just take it week by week and you'll get your program going! Loves and ((hugs))!!!!

  5. Nate's #s stay wonky for a while after an illness. Reyna's advice is always so good!!

    Is this the 1t time he's been high 2 hours after breakfast? Nate has a crazy high spike after breakfast so that high wouldn't be so unusual over here. Even with the Apidra it still takes him 3 hours to come down after breakfast.

    Good luck, Friend! I know how frustrating it can be!!